Qatar oil rig incident: A british man died, what happened? Explained

A Scottish worker was discovered “bludgeoned” to death, while another was attacked on an oil rig off the coast of Qatar, prompting police to launch a murder investigation. Let’s see about Qatar oil rig incident in detail.


Qatar Oil Rig Incident

Following an incident on a rig platform in Qatar, one oil worker died and another sustained injuries.

It is believed that the event occurred at a facility in the nation’s Al Shaheen oil field.

The rig in Qatar. 

(Image: UGC MSN)

On Monday night, the dead guy was found in a cabin with fatal injuries, according to platform workers.

A second individual, who is thought to be Scottish, was hurt in the incident.

He is reportedly currently in a Middle Eastern hospital fighting for his life.

His family has been informed of the devastating news.

A Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) spokesman said:

“We are supporting the family of a British man who has died and a man who has been injured in Qatar and are in contact with the local authorities.”

A British worker has died on an oil rig in Qatar.


One worker said:

“Everyone in the industry is talking about this.

“I can’t get my head round it. I’ve never heard of anything like it in my life.

“When someone goes to work they’re supposed to come home. This is horrific.”

What happened is still not quite known in all of its details.

The tragedy occurs as the World Cup in Qatar comes to an end.

An unnamed source connected the offshore industry said:

“This news has travelled pretty quickly and everyone I’ve spoken to is just in disbelief.

“For something like that to occur happen is beyond belief.

From what I understand they were involved in ROV (remotely operated vehicle) operations out there.

It’s just unbelievable.”


It is believed that police officers were flown by helicopter to the site and closed it down.

Although there is already an investigation into what happened, the complete specifics are still unknown. However, word has quickly spread among oil employees.

Suspect in custody

The individual, who is said to be from Aberdeen, Scotland, is being detained by police in Qatar as part of a murder investigation.

The two contractors allegedly rowed on the Seafox Burj platform off Qatar before one fatally struck the other with a diving cylinder from BA.

It’s alleged the two contractors rowed on the Seafox Burj platform. Credit: Seafox Burj.

According to reports, the suspect fled the platform by helicopter after the event in the early hours of Monday by hiding the body in the bathroom of their rooms.

But based on what is known, a third employee grew suspicious and discovered the body before he could flee.

Some say that when the third man learned what had happened, he grew suspicious and was then attacked.

A source told The Sun:

“The guy became suspicious and began looking for his friend when he found the body.

“All hell broke loose, the guy who had (allegedly) done him in jumped the other guy, hit him over the head and started strangling him.

“Luckily some men in a nearby room heard the commotion and kicked the door in.

“They wrestled the attacker off and raised the alarm.

“Before we knew it a medical team and the police arrived by helicopter and arrested a man.”

The man’s death is believed to have occurred on an oil platform in Qatar.

 (Image: AFP/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, an office from Qatara’s Ministry of Interior said:

“Law enforcement authorities are investigating a 12 December incident at an off shore facility.”

“The incident involved three British nationals working for a contractor company. One individual sustained fatal injuries, another was hospitalized and released.”

“A third individual has been detained as part of a criminal investigation by the relevant authorities.”

Who are the three men?

The three men are all employees of Film-Ocean, a business that employs remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to monitor underwater machinery and oil pipelines.

As far as is known, the deceased man is from the North East of England, while the alleged murderer and the injured man are both from Aberdeen.

Following an incident that occurred at 1.40 am on Monday, Film-Ocean has revealed one person is dead and another is hurt.

Additionally, they confirmed that a male had been detained by Qatari police.

A spokesperson said:

“The next of kin of those involved have been informed, and the company is working to ensure they receive the appropriate support.

It is not believed that the incident was caused by drinking because oil rigs are alcohol-free, particularly in the devout Muslim nation of Qatar.

Rig Shutdown

The platform was completely locked down yesterday while police looked into the alleged murder.

The source added:

“The rig shutdown and all comms were cut off.”

“This shouldn’t be happening in our day and age in this industry, I’ve never heard of anything like this before.”

For a response, a message was sent to the Qatari Government Communications Office.

Police Scotland stated that the Qatari authorities should handle this event.


About Al Shaheen oil field

About 50 miles north of Doha, in the Persian Gulf, the Al Shaheen oil field is situated off the coast of Qatar.

Seafox Burj.

Image : Seafox Burj.

With a daily output of 300,000 barrels of oil, it is one of the largest oil fields in the world.


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