Peyton Lochotzki dies by suicide, 15 year-old Elkhart HS baseball player cause of death and obituary

Peyton Lochotzki
Peyton Lochotzki,16


Elkhart High School baseball player Peyton Lochotzki, 15, sadly passed away. Let’s see what happened to Peyton in detail.

How did Peyton Lochotzki die?

Peyton Lochotzki, a 15-year-old teen committed suicide and passed away. His mother, Jennifer Lochotzki announced this sad news. She shared a heartbreaking statement on social media following the death of Payton.

The statement reads, “This is a post no parent should ever have to make. As most of you may know by now, our sweet 15-year-old boy took his life yesterday. We are in complete shock. At times, it doesn’t even seem real. Like a bad dream that we are going to wake up from and get to hold our baby again.

Payton Lochotzki was an amazing son, brother, grandchild, and friend. He was so excited to be a part of the Elkhart lions high school baseball team this season.

Payton, we love you fiercely forever and always. You will forever be carried in our hearts as the good, handsome, caring boy that we all knew and you will never be forgotten. You are so very loved and I cannot even fathom how we are going to carry on without our baby. I love you, baby boy!”

She also requested everyone to share memories of Payton with her. She wrote,

“Please feel free to share this on other social media platforms as Facebook is the only platform we have. We would love for everyone to share any pictures/videos/or fond memories you have of our sweet boy.

We will keep everyone informed on Payton’s funeral services which we are trying to hold off until after spring break so all his friends may attend. Thank you for all the support, reaching out, etc. You have no idea how much it means to us. If we do not respond, it isn’t because we don’t want to, we are just dealing with a lot at the moment and are grieving for our boy.”

Who was Payton Lochotzki?

Payton was a wonderful son and big brother who was full of life. He was a kind boy who touched the lives of everyone he knew him. Payton was an excellent baseball player and musician.

He participated in baseball for the Freshman and Junior Varsity teams, and his high school selected him to perform lead trumpet in the Advanced Jazz Band. 

He was our sporty, outgoing, trumpet-loving kid. He loved spending time with his friends goofing off, hanging out with his siblings and cousins, loved going bowling, eating popcorn with M&M’s while having family movie nights and so much more.

Payton had a love for baseball and jazz band like no other. He wanted to either be a professional baseball player, play trumpet professionally or become an engineer, according to his mother.

Payton Lochotzki cause of death:

Payton Lochotzki, a 15-year-old boy committed suicide on Monday, the 3rd of April 2023. He leaves behind his parents, Jennifer Lochotzki & Miles Lochotzki, and three siblings.

His friends and family members paid a heartfelt tribute to him. The circumstances surrounding his death were not known yet. 

His coach, Daniel Manoloff paid his tribute to the young player saying,

“Damn kiddo. You were something else. I enjoyed my time as your coach, and getting to know you over the years… watch you grow up. When you and Elijah made the HS Team together, me and your dad talked about how amazing it was going to be to watch you two continue playing together. And couldn’t wait to see you guys as Seniors still playing and how good you two were gonna be then.

We were just talking about the arm you had on you Peyton and how you and Elijah were doing so well. I miss you bud. You played hurt, man you were ALWAYS getting hurt. But you would always just smile and say you were fine. You always were smiling. Everyone loved you bud, everyone had nothing but good things to say about you. You were bright, talented, smart, and just a great kid to be around. We’re all going to miss you. An amazing kid with huge potential for greatness. I’m sorry bud. I’m so so sorry you felt that sad.”

Tributes to Payton:

Josh Clapper posted,

Oh man, I am so sorry to hear the such terrible news. Your kid’s friends along with the kids you coach will always have a special place in your heart.


Corey Cole posted,

Prayers for your family Miles Lochotzki. It is something I couldnt even imagine dealing with or going through. My heart breaks for your families loss. R.I.P Peyton.

Brian Murphy shared,

Wow bro sorry for your loss. This is so sad I feel for you and son and all his friends take care brother.

Kristina Vance commented,

I loved that kid. He was something special and an amazing friend to my son Elijah. Elijah is beside himself and he feels the same way. Payton will forever be in our hearts.


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