Ocala shooting: Quentin Samuel Jr, Ocala man died after sustaining gunshot wounds


_Quentin Samuel Jr, Ocala man died after sustaining gunshot wounds in Ocala shooting
Quentin Samuel Jr, an Ocala man died after sustaining gunshot wounds in an Ocala shooting (Source: Facebook/Ocala.com)


Ocala shooting death: 35-year-old man shot and killed in front of a residence in Ocala; suspect identified. Our investigation led us to the conclusion that the horrific shooting victim was Quentin Samuel Jr., an Ocala resident.

Investigations into the incident’s circumstances are ongoing. His passing has hurt his family, friends, and the community. Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him, including friends and family, will miss him dearly.

The family of Quentin Samuel Jr. is in our thoughts and prayers during this awful time. Keep scrolling to find out more about the Ocala shooting and what happened to Quentin Samuel Jr., the victim.

Ocala shooting

Detectives from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are looking into the shooting death of an Ocala man, whose body was discovered outside his home on Thursday afternoon.

A call concerning a suspicious occurrence in the 6500 block of Southeast 41st Street came in at 5:24 p.m. First responders from Marion County Fire Rescue arrived and discovered a man who had been shot.

He was identified as dead. Quentin Samuel, 35, has been named as the victim by detectives. Samuel, according to sheriff’s office officials, resided at the house where the body was found. When deputies arrived, yellow crime scene tape had been used to divide the area.

A person of interest found 

A person of interest in the investigation is being questioned, according to the authorities. They have not disclosed any details about the individual.

The house sits down a narrow gravel road that is lined with dense foliage. On Thursday evening, Samuel’s loved ones and friends gathered in a large, open field outside the cordoned-off area.

They exchanged words, hugs, and consoling glances. Some people were too upset to speak. Others seemed confused. Some people shook their heads incredulously.

Walking from one side of the field to the other while drenched in sweat, a man prayed nonstop for God to have mercy on Quentin’s soul, his family, and the hearts of his loved ones.

What happened to Quentin Samuel Jr?

Quentin Samuel Jr passed away after being shot in the Ocala shooting. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the incident that led to his death. 

Detectives have identified the victim as 35-year-old Quentin Samuel. Officials from the sheriff’s office said that Samuel lived at the residence where the body was discovered.

Loved ones described Samuel as a pleasant, well-mannered, and decent man. He managed his father’s business and was a family man.

Samuel’s passing was referred to as “totally unexpected.” Sheriff’s officials report that there were 13 homicides in the county in 2022.

Five of the 13 victims were 18 years old or younger. In unincorporated Marion, there have been nine killings so far this year. The 10th fatality occurred on Thursday. Six of the ten victims are under the age of 18.

Moreover, we learned about the victim via the messages posted by his family members on social media. There is currently no information available beyond that.

Also, at this moment, details about the accident’s specific circumstances are few. The incident is being investigated intensively by police authorities contributing to circumstances.

May his family and friends find solace in the lovely memories they shared with him. May the love and support of people around them give them the courage they require now.

We should pray for his family and friends as they navigate this road to recovery together. Please feel free to pay respects to Quentin Samuel Jr by leaving a note below.


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