Mike Cyrus death: Well-known Photographer dies after a long battle with cancer


Mike Cyrus Well-known Photographer died
Mike Cyrus Well-known Photographer passed away after a cancer battle (Image Credit: Mike’s FB page)


The world lost a brave fighter and an outstanding photographer yesterday. Mike was a great professional who always produced top-notch photos, no matter the circumstances.

Mike was defined by his love of life and his selflessness. He was a friend who shared his expertise in his field with everyone and offered assistance to any aspiring photographer who asked.

Long after we are all gone, his images will endure. Please remember his beautiful wife Misty, three daughters, and the rest of his family, also several of his closest friends during this difficult time. Read ahead to learn more about his cancer Journey, career, and cause of death.

Mike Cyrus died after a brave battle with cancer

Mike Cyrus a professional and beloved photographer passed away on July 19th, 2023 from a long hard fight with cancer. His aim was to provide people with photos and memories that would last a lifetime.

Mike is one of the most talented, wittiest, and most positive people we have had the pleasure of meeting.  His distinctive wedding images, senior pictures, family pictures, and so on are a blessing to many people. 

Mike retired from Toyota and shortly after was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He had his stomach removed and was in remission.

Mike then went all in on his photography passion, opening his own studio in downtown Lexington this summer with his photography partner, and Christopher Michael Images earned “Best Photographers in Lexington” by the Herald-Leader.

However, on September 6th, Mike received news that the cancer was back, this time Peritoneal. With Mike undergoing Chemo treatment again, he is unable to work. Mike has a wonderful wife and three beautiful daughters.

Mike’s final Facebook update about his health

A lot has changed recently so I thought I should post an update. My health has declined very rapidly. After being in the hospice inpatient unit for four days, I was finally able to come home, but I am not nearly as strong as I used to be. Hospice is doing everything it can to keep my pain under control and to keep me as comfortable as possible.

Regardless of what happens, I know that I have fought cancer as hard as I could and I know that my family and friends can see the long fight I have been giving. I am truly blessed and thank God every single day to have so many people support me and carry me through this relentless fight. My faith in God is so strong through this that I know when I no longer can open

my eyes that he will be the one I can see, the one that I have trusted and turned to my whole life. Thank you all very much and please continue to pray with me every single day, even when I am no longer on this Earth. I love you.


Cyrus has been fighting illness for more than two years; he was formerly a race car driver, a member of the Toyota team, and most recently a photographer. Cyrus had to have his stomach removed after receiving a stomach cancer diagnosis.

Cyrus remarked, “It completely encircled the lining of my stomach.” I now have no stomach at all because we had to perform a total gastrectomy.

Due to the loss of his stomach, Cyrus must be cautious about what and how much he eats. He said, “There are many things I can’t have. So having a total gastrectomy completely changed my way of living.

They discovered that there was a lot of fluid in the peritoneal, which is a bag that surrounds your intestines, Cyrus explained. My intestines were being crushed by this fluid, too.

“We performed a CT scan but were unable to detect any malignancy. No trace of cancer is present. There isn’t a cancerous tumor or ball anyplace.

However, when they would remove this fluid, they would insert a large needle into your stomach and remove the fluid, all of which contained malignancy.

“So, you have cancer that is just laying all over your organs, which is not something you — that’s actually very, very bad.” The doctor gave Cyrus a brief prognosis, he claimed.

However, the prognosis has been extended to 18 months. Cyrus acknowledges that he may be struggling, but he also wants to let others know that they are not alone in their struggles. 

Smiling and pushing through this battle is what Cyrus plans to continue doing. “I hope I can bless someone else with my story,” Cyrus said.

“When you are given such a short prognosis to live and you turn right around and now they are saying I could have 18 months to live,” Cyrus said.

“Telling my little girls bye one day and then the very next two or three months later I got more than a year to live is what they are saying? It’s going the right way.” Keeping the positivity can be tough at times, he said, but keeping your head up, smiling, and praying will work.

Photography has helped Cyrus’ cancer battle because of the community he has gained from shooting professional sports, weddings, and portraits.

Though he isn’t able to shoot much anymore after being bound to a wheelchair, Cyrus has appreciated the supporters of “#TeamMike.”


The family has set up a GoFundMe which has been a big help.

“It has allowed me now to help pay my copays,” he said. “July 22, I open this studio, put every ounce of money in it, and then turn right around September 1, ‘You have cancer, and you can no longer work again and you are done.’ That GoFundMe has truly saved us.”

The GoFundMe may be found on Mike Cyrus’ Facebook page. The family has raised over $22,000, originally beating their $20,000 goal, now stretching the goal to $25,000.

Mike said, “With what I am going through with this cancer, with everything that has hit me hard, know that I’m never going to give up, first off,” he said. “The people who are cheering for me, please keep cheering. You don’t understand how thankful I am.”

Many people took to social media to share memories of Mike Cyrus and express sorrow over his death

Cara Watkins Crowley

I will never forget you my friend Mike Cyrus. I remember working with you in AI Plant 2. When I saw you on the schedule next to me on a certain run I was so excited. You had the best stories and the time went by so fast. How we didn’t miss something was a miracle. There will not be a dull moment with you in heaven. Now you get to sit next to Jesus and make him laugh. Keep taking your pictures and smiling. Now you have the best angle to take the most beautiful pictures in heaven. Miss and love you, Mike.

David Rearic

The world lost a fighter yesterday. So sad to hear this news. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to capture this image for my buddy Mike Cyrus. To be wheelchair-bound, with aggressive cancer, but insist on walking his youngest daughter across the football field on her senior night, that’s what tough looks like. You were an inspiration to many. Rest Easy, brother.

Jaime Barcus

Mike Cyrus captured this moment for my son a few years back. He was great at seeing moments and capturing them in the most incredible way. He lost his long hard-fought battle with cancer yesterday. It is unfair. Prayers to his wife, children, family, and friends. Cancer sucks! #RestEasy

Josh Ingles

Mike Cyrus, we will miss you so much, man. I aspire to be half the man you are one day. You taught us so much about optimism and humility. You achieved so much and made it look so easy, but the truth is, you’ve earned everything. And now the greatest gift of all is earning those wings.


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