Inyambo Yeta death: Senior Chief of the Sisheke, Mwandi and Mulobezi died


_Inyambo Yeta Senior Chief of the Sisheke, Mwandi and Mulobezi died
Senior Chief & passionate leader Inyambo Yeta has died. (Credit: Facebook)


Mourning the Loss of a Remarkable Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta: Senior Chief INYAMBO YETA of Sesheke, Mwandi, and Mulobezi districts of the western province has died.

We extend our deepest condolences to the family and communities of Sesheke, Mwandi, and Mulobezi on the passing of His Royal Highness Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta.

His leadership and contributions will be greatly missed. Let’s see what happened to him and Inyambo Yeta cause of death here.

Who is Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta?

Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta is the traditional ruler of the Sisheke Chiefdom in the Western Province of Zambia. He ascended to the throne in September 1977 and is the second-born son of the late Litunga of the Lozi Kingdom, Ilute Yeta IV.

Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta studied law at the Universities of Swaziland and Edinburgh, Scotland, where he graduated with honors in LLB.

The BBN deeps deeper into the works of His Royal Highness senior chief Inyambo Yeta the son to the king of Barotseland Litunga late Ilute Yeta IV, who is in charge of Mwandi, Mulobezi, and Sesheke districts of Barotseland.

He come on the throne at the young age of (23) in 1977, from the Law school at the University of Zambia, the University of Scotland.

Chief Inyambo Yeta brought a lot of reforms to his chiefdom. He also lobbied for empowerment projects for the youths and women including the Mwandi Kuta.

Mwandi Kuta is the only BRE traditional Kuta that empowers its Indunas and workers in the entire Barotseland. It’s the only Kuta that pays salaries every month to its Indunas above the minimum wage.

Mwandi Cultural Center was created to work in progress aimed at constructing a pavilion at which, numerous artifacts, pictures, carvings, basketry, performing arts, and other ancient valuables are displayed to visitors and tourists.

The rehabilitating of the Silowana [Sioma] National Park and he lobbied for funds for the project and engaged the peace parks foundation to ensure a sustained rehabilitation and wildlife restocking program was brought in.

He brought a joint program called SIMALAHA Community Conservancy in partnership with his counterpart Chief Sekute to create a wildlife park aimed at empowering the local people through shared community wildlife resources.

“We are in the process of producing an integrated tourism product that is going to attract tourists and create opportunities for wealth creation for our people, said Inyambo.

He lobbied for developmental projects and the government gave the Inyambo Community Development Trust a loan of K3,3m to boost fish production at the Mwandi Integrated Fish Farm project.

What happened to Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta?

His Royal Highness Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta passed away. His presence was a source of inspiration for all who had the privilege of working alongside him. He possessed an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, which he generously shared with humility and patience.

Beyond his professional prowess, Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta was a kind-hearted individual who effortlessly fostered an environment of camaraderie and support.

The void left by Senior Chief Inyambo’s departure is immeasurable. The loss we feel is a testament to the profound impact he had on our lives, both professionally and personally.

Inyambo Yeta cause of death

We convey the news of the loss of Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta with great sadness. As per the online reports, it was confirmed that he passed away today.

Due to his prior leadership of the United National Independence Party (UNIP), the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) decided to forbid traditional leaders from taking part in active politics.

That was the result of the self-serving politics that were based on plotting against people who were interested in running for office. The family politely requests prayers instead of individual condolences as well as space to mourn and come to grips with the devastating loss.

As per the family reports, it was confirmed he passed away but Inyambo Yeta cause of death was not determined yet. However, it is essential to await an official announcement.

Neither his family members nor web media have provided any information regarding Inyambo Yeta cause of death. We’ll update this article as soon as additional information becomes available.

Moreover, the family’s privacy must be respected even though attempts are being made to compile pertinent information and promptly deliver the most recent updates.

During this difficult time, our thoughts and sympathies go out to Inyambo Yeta’s family, friends, and loved ones. May they find comfort and strength as they mourn his loss. Feel free to drop your condolences below in the comment section.


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