North Lawndale mass shooting: Kanesha Gaines, 21-year-old mother killed, 8 others injured in Chicago

_North LawnAdale mass shooting Nesha, 21 year-old mother killed
Nesha, 21-year-old mother killed, 8 others injured in Chicago shooting (Source: Facebook)

Chicago mass shooting: Nesha, a.k.a. Kanesha Gaines age 21, was killed and 8 others were hurt in the North Lawndale shooting in Chicago. Multiple unidentified shooters were spotted getting out of a black vehicle while armed.

Investigations are still being done to determine the facts of the incident. Upon hearing this awful news, the victim’s friends and relatives were horrified. Whoever had the pleasure of knowing Nesha will also miss her terribly.

During this terrible moment, we are sending our condolences to Nesha’s family and the families of the other victims. Here’s what we know about the North Lawndale mass shooting.

North Lawndale mass shooting: Explained

Following a shooting spree overnight in the North Lawndale neighborhood, one woman has died and eight others have been injured. The 1500 block of South Keeler Avenue was the scene of the gunshot soon before one in the morning.

According to Chicago police, assailants stepped out of a black Jeep and started firing as a group of women was gathered in the 1500 block of South Keeler Avenue in the North Lawndale neighborhood just before 1 a.m.

A woman, age 21, was shot in the face. She was brought to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition, where she was eventually declared dead.

Police said a 28-year-old woman was shot eight times in the torso. She was sent in critical condition to Mt. Sinai Hospital.

The incident also injured seven other ladies. According to the authorities, everyone was reportedly in good health at Mount Sinai and Stroger Hospitals.

A 20-year-old woman suffered a right thigh wound. A 24-year-old lady shot herself in the right wrist. A 28-year-old woman was also wounded in the right knee.

And, a 30-year-old lady was shot twice in the right arm and twice in the right shoulder. A 31-year-old lady suffered grazing wounds to her forearm and leg.

Also, a 33-year-old woman sustained a stomach graze wound. A ninth woman, whose age wasn’t disclosed, had her right arm grazed.

Kanesha Gainesthe, 21-year-old mother killed in the shooting

Even though the authorities withheld any information about the victim, her loved ones’ social media condolence tributes helped us to learn more about the victim. Nesha, a mother of two who resides in Chicago, Illinois, has been named as the victim.

According to investigators, at least nine ladies were shot at a meeting on Sunday morning in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood.

Nesha, a mother of two who was 21 years old, was shot in the face and transferred to a local hospital where she was subsequently declared dead.

At this moment, details about the shooting’s specific circumstances are few. Police authorities are looking into the incident very closely to determine the circumstances.

May her family and friends find solace in the lovely memories they shared with her. May the love and support of people around them give them the courage they require now.

Loved ones and friends grieve Nesha’s passing

YEIA wrote,

I’m so sorry this happened to you boo you ain’t deserve that you were so young and beautiful with a whole life ahead of you I hate Chicago rest in paradise pretty girl  Nesha Nesha.

Sky Williams wrote,

Cousin, you gotta be kidding me. I’m so hurt right now. What about my two little cousins …. Imma keeps your mom in my prayers she has now lost her two older kids to gun violence..we were just talking about our family reunion next month, and now this is I love cousin !! Nesha Nesha 

Aury Aury wrote,

Wow what is this world coming to Chicago gotta do better seriously.. 2 women were fatally shot one Thursday and one Saturday both 21 years old this shìt makes me sick … what happen to no women and children.. outside need to be closed until further notice … rest peacefully ladies


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