Molly Hinchliffe, a fun loving 18 year old died tragically a week after beating cancer


Molly Hinchliffe, an 18-year-old ‘funny and bubbly’ Batley teen who passed away just one week after defeating cancer, is mourned. Molly Hinchliffe an 18 years girl who is a courageous teen from Batley defeated cancer but tragically died a week later. She was described as “funny, boisterous, and cheerful” by her grieving family. Keep reading this post to learn more details about her life and cancer struggle.

Molly passed away after a long cancer battle

The 18-year-old rugby player Molly Hinchliffe passed away this week in the hospital surrounded by her devoted family. The passing of a young woman who was described as “funny, boisterous, and effervescent” and having a “heart of gold” has left her family and friends inconsolable.

Molly, a Batley native who had previously undergone chemotherapy treatment for cancer, recently fell ill due to an infection, according to a friend of hers. Courtney Thompson, a close friend, called Molly a “beautiful angel” who was adored by everyone.


With Go Fund Me, more than £3,700 has been raised to cover Molly’s funeral costs. Courtney Thompson close friend of Molly is organizing this fundraiser. Thus far, more than 180 people have contributed. Courtney wrote on the appeal page: 

I’m making this about Molly, so we all know Molly beat cancer and she rang the bell! She finished her last round of chemo and has been poor due to her immune system being low, she then caught sepsis and her organs gave up on her! And Molly’s family and my family would appreciate the help to raise money for her funeral! We’re all heartbroken and hurting so much! She is such a beautiful Angel May she rest in paradise. Please donate what you can.

Courtney Thompson’s Statement on her Facebook page

Molly I never ever ever ever thought I’d be having to write this but I’m heartbroken that you’ve gone! You were like my baby sister, we had so much planned for when you were better! Just know I’m so proud of you for ringing that bell, you’re at peace now baby and you weren’t in any pain when you left! You’re the most beautiful kindest person I have ever known and I will never forget our memories together! I’m gonna print all our pictures out and make a photo album so you’re with me all the time! I really can’t cope at all it’s hurting me! Rest in paradise and just know you’ll always be in my heart, no other person will replace you baby why is this world so cruel and has to take the most precious people?

Who was Molly Hinchliffe?

Courtney stated to YorkshireLive: “Molly was the type of person who had a heart of gold but would tell you to shut up if you were complaining about yourself. “We were both quite young when I first met Molly, and right away I could tell she was going to be my friend and sister for life because of how bouncy, loud, and amusing she was.

“We all needed a Molly in our lives because she had no filter at all, which is exactly what we liked about her. “She was extremely resilient and always had a great attitude. She also frequently discussed her family with me and how much they meant to her. She always told me how much she cherished her younger sisters and older brother and that they shared her affection for them.

She was also concerned about one day losing her big sister to her little sisters. The son of Courtney’s mother’s partner, Molly’s boyfriend, who she “truly, really loved,” is also missing her.

He made her feel unique, and she always told me how much she adored that boy, Courtney recalled. Both of them adored her, and it was clear that they were meant to be together. Anything would satisfy Mol, who enjoyed doing everything.

Molly Hinchliffe (right) with her friend Courtney Thompson (Credit: Facebook)

Molly Hinchliffe a Rugby player

Rugby, which Molly had played since she was a young child and was “liked by the whole team” at Dewsbury Moor, was one of her biggest loves, according to Courtney. She also cherished her coworkers, who Courtney said had supported Molly all along the way.

“Molly was just the kind of kid that everyone adored right away because she was so genuine, upbeat, and joyful all the time. She would occasionally say the silliest things imaginable, but we wouldn’t trade Mol for anything in the world. Everyone, according to Courtney, was devastated by her passing.

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(Credit: Facebook)

“We are all in such shock and can’t comprehend what has happened. Since she no longer spontaneously phones or texts or asks to drive to Krispy Kreme or shows up at our house for dinner or to inquire about my mother’s whereabouts of her tea, I genuinely feel as though I’ve lost my baby sister, and that saddens me.

“Nobody will ever be able to replace my Mol since she was the kindest person I know. To say that she is gone but never forgotten hurts so much. We will always and forever love you, Mol.

Social Media Tributes for Molly Hinchliffe

Several people posted their memories and stories of Molly on social media after she passed away. Some of them are written below:

Tanya Dunford  

Dewsbury Moor lost one of the most loved, sweetest most caring girls that graced this earth I can’t believe what I’m seeing you will be missed by so many she always had a smile on her face, and her bubbly character never went missed Fly high angel until we meet again Let’s show molly just how much each and every one of us loved her and how much she meant to alot of people Donna Hinchliffe my heart breaks for you and your family so sorry for you lose sweetheart we are all here for you REST IN PARADISE

Adrianna Knisz

Oh Courtney I am so sorry. I didn’t know Molly, but seeing you two together showed what a lovely person she was. She would be so so proud of you, just as much as you are of her. Sending hugs my darling girl.

Tanisha Bramwell  

Saddened to hear the news this evening of Molly Hinchliffe’s passing. My heart is with her family and loved ones who have lost such an incredible person. I am sending you all love and strength as you navigate through this horrendous loss. Rest in power 

Margaret Morrison

So heartbroken for you lovely to see the special memories that you both made together I know you miss her your best friend’s prayers and thoughts are with you all at this heartbreaking time love from all of us xxx.

Kazzer Wilkinson

That poor girl kicked cancer’s ass then was cruelly ripped away from you all. My heart breaks for you courtz and her family. She had so much to live for God bless her Heaven has gained a beautiful Angel xx


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