Missing: What happened to Evan Mcconney? Know everything about the Layton, Utah 13 year-old

Evan McConney
Evan McConney


Evan McConney, a 13-year-old teen from the Layton, Utah went missing and an amber alert was issued for the teen. Let’s see What happened to Evan Mcconney in detail.

Amber Alert:

A Utah AMBER Alert has been issued for a missing 13-year-old Layton boy, as well as a man from Arizona suspected of abducting the teen.

The search for 13-year-old Evan McConney is being undertaken by representatives of the Layton Police Department and the Utah Department of Public Safety.

He is 110 pounds, 5′ 4″ tall, and has brown eyes and hair.

He could be sporting a hooded windbreaker jacket, a white shirt with a blue and yellow rabbit skull and bones logo, blue and gray sweatpants, and black shoes with a yellow Cobra Kai insignia.

He may also be sporting a beanie cap with the same blue and yellow colors.

What happened to McConney?

Police believe McConney was kidnapped by a man initially “suspected” to be named Hunter Fox. Officials later provided an update, revealing that the individual is 26-year-old Arizonan Aaron Zemen. His other name is Tadashi Kojima.

Zemen is operating a white 1998 Toyota Avalon with a dented grill and temporary registration #22225NP from Arizona.

Zemen, according to the police, talked to McConney online before the teen left his house late on Monday night to meet the man.

Authorities believe they may be headed to Arizona or Texas, according to Aaron Zemen (also known as “Hunter Fox” or “Tadashi Kojima”).

Aaron Zemen aka Hunter fox
Aaron Zemen aka Hunter Fox


A close friend of McConney’s mother, Beth Cooper, recalls the 13-year-old as a handsome, brilliant young man.

“He comes from a very loving household, safe environment, he’s grown up with two loving parents his entire life,” she said. “This just isn’t one of those scenarios in that he’s trying to run away from a bad home. He was manipulated by someone pretending to be someone they were not.”

Police requests Public assistance:

Zemen, according to the police, interacted with McConney online before the teen left his house to meet him.

According to Lt. Travis Lyman, McConney’s parents informed the Layton Police on Tuesday morning that their son had been missing throughout the night.

“The fact that the child is 13, if he left with this adult without the parent’s consent, that’s kidnapping,” he said.

According to Lyman, McConney’s parents had informed the police that their son had recently been speaking with the 26-year-old suspect.

“It does become our highest priority when a child is missing like this,” he said. “We’re doing everything we can on every front to try and find him.”

Cooper reported that Evan brought his passport when Zemen requested him to. Police say the pair may be anywhere, even though they could be in Texas, Arizona, or Utah.

“You have an older man posing to be someone else, confusing 13-year-old minor things that he’s not aware of in life,” said Cooper.

“He doesn’t understand yet, why when somebody asks you to leave your house, you don’t go.”

Anyone with information regarding either of the two people’s whereabouts is urged to call the Layton Police Department at 801-497-8300 or dial 911.


Amber alert has been cancelled as the teen Evan McConney has been found safe. Also, the Suspect Aaron Zeman was arrested by the Layton Police.


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