Missing: What happened to Ana Walshe? Know everything about the Massachusetts woman

Ana Walshe, who has been missing since the early hours of New Year’s Day, is being searched by Cohasset police. Let’s see What happened to Ana Walshe in detail.


Missing: What happened to Ana Walshe?

Ana Walshe, 39, reportedly spent New Year’s Eve at their Cohasset home with her husband and three children.

According to the Cohasset Police Chief, Walshe was scheduled to leave for Logan Airport at 4:30 a.m. on January 1 to travel to her second home in the northwest area of Washington, DC.

Walshe and her family reside in Cohasset, but she spends her workweeks in the nation’s capital.

As he looks after their three small children, her husband was unable to communicate with WBZ, but friends and family from all over the world are getting increasingly anxious for her safe return.

Ana’s friend in Washington DC, Alissa Kirby said,

“We’re doing anything and everything, turning the world over to find her.” 

From Cohasset to the nation’s capital, worries about her whereabouts and wellbeing are growing. Her young sons in Massachusetts are her first focus and her biggest love.

She works as a commercial real estate executive in Washington, DC.

Kirby said,

“Just a loving wife and a mother, she always says to three beautiful boys.”

The 39-year-old was last reportedly seen at her Cohasset home shortly after Sunday’s midnight, according to police. Happy New Year wishes went unanswered.

Her friend Abdulla Almutairi said,

“That was the last text that went through. Everything else has not been delivered,” 

“I found it a little funny because Ana is very active on Instagram. On her posts and stories. I didn’t see a picture from her trip.”

Walshe spends his weekdays working as a regional general manager for the property firm Tishman Speyer in Washington, DC, where Almutairi resides.

Kirby added,

“Officially we realized yesterday (Wednesday) that she was missing. We suspected maybe something Tuesday.”

Her close friends and family describe her as vivacious, magnetic, curious, and kind. Her sudden disappearance was totally unexpected.

Almutairi said,

“She’s always been a survivor and she’s a survivor. I love her to death. She’ll be OK.” 

Ana’s Description

  • Walshe stands 5’2″ tall and weighs 115 pounds.
  • She has olive skin, brown eyes, and brown hair.
  • Her speech has an accent from Eastern Europe.

Public assistance is now being requested by authorities. Harrison Schmidt, a police detective, can be reached at 781-383-1055 x6108 or by email at [email protected] if they have any information on her whereabouts.

There are an infinite amount of reasons why people disappear. Police are aware that disappearances don’t always involve criminal activity. However, it’s also not difficult to identify instances where vanishing seems, at the very least, implausible. or untrustworthy.


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