Missing: Steven Mainwaring found dead, What happened to the Oregon State University student? Explored

Missing: Steven Mainwaring found dead, What happened to the Oregon State University student? Explored

Missing OSU student found dead on Marys Peak. Let’s find out what happened to him and Steven Mainwaring missing case in detail.

Steven Mainwaring was discovered dead

According to the Corvallis Police Department, a 22-year-old missing Oregon State University student was discovered dead on Marys Peak in Benton County on Sunday. Volunteers assisting in the search for Steven Mainwaring located a Ford Bronco just before 5 o’clock in a rural region of Marys Peak close to Philomath.

According to police, Mainwaring’s body was discovered nearby. No indication of criminal activity or foul play, according to deputies.

For nearly two weeks, Mainwaring had been gone. His relatives said that they had not heard from him since Dec. Engineering student Mainwaring also participated in the Air National Guard.

Parents Grieve son’s loss

His parents claim he informed them a week before Christmas that he would be spending the holiday at home in Klamath Falls, but that he might go fishing or take a day trip to the coast first. They never heard from him once more.

Mainwaring’s mother, Bethany Cook, stated, “As a mother, just the unknown, the uncertainty, it’s really hard.” “I was very worried when Christmas Eve and Christmas passed without him even sending me a text message. It’s a strange situation to be in.

The Harrisburg mobile tower pinged Steven’s phone in December, according to the Corvallis Police Department, locating it close to Alsea village. Cook claims that Mainwaring would have known if she had traveled further into the forest.

He’s a fantastic young man who enjoys the great outdoors, adventures, and exploration, according to Cook. He has always been incredibly trustworthy and dependable. Even though he enjoys being a lone wolf and going on adventures, he would definitely let us know if he was going on a long trip.

Photos of Mainwaring’s Ford Bronco have also been uploaded by his relatives. Cook claims that recovering the car, which is nowhere to be discovered, will be a crucial step in finding her son.

Cook continues that Mainwaring would be well-prepared even if something unfortunate occurred when he was alone outside. He has spent a lot of time in the woods and has studied survival techniques there. With his Air Guard training, we are optimistic.

Corvallis Police Department: Statement

The Corvallis Police Department’s number is 541-766-6911 and anyone with information on Steven Mainwaring’s whereabouts or his vehicle is urged to dial it.

Missing Corvallis Man Found Deceased on Mary’s Peak

At 4:54 PM today, Deputies of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a remote area of Mary’s Peak in regards to information about Steven Mainwaring, a missing person from Corvallis. Volunteers who had been assisting in the search for Mainwaring reported finding a vehicle matching the description of the Ford Bronco Mainwaring was thought to be driving.

When Deputies arrived in the area, they located Mainwaring near the Ford Bronco deceased. An investigation completed by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office found no evidence of criminal activity or indications of foul play.

The Corvallis Police Department would like to share our appreciation for the assistance of the Benton County Sherriff’s Office in this investigation and for the countless hours put forth by the volunteers who assisted in the search for Steven.

Note: At this time there is no additional information available related to this incident. Any updates on the investigation will be disseminated through the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at a later date.


Steven Mainwaring Missing Case: Explained

Steven Mainwaring, of Klamath Falls, is missing and is being sought by his family and the police. People are searching in Klamath County for a missing Oregon man, and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office is taking part. Starting tomorrow at noon, a significant amount of effort will be put into the search.

The family of Steven Mainwaring, 22, claims that he has been missing in northern Oregon for more than a week. It is requesting assistance in finding him.

Detective Mark Smith at the Benton County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at (541) 766-6911 if you have any information about Mainwaring’s whereabouts.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office is assisting with the search efforts and reports that the last cell tower activity on Mainwaring’s phone was on December 18 near the Alsea area, according to the family of Steven Mainwaring, a Senior Airman First Class in the

Oregon Air National Guard’s 173rd Fighter Wing has been missing since last Sunday, December 18, 2022. The Civil Air Patrol has been activated and hopes to fly once the weather permits. According to the article, a search effort tomorrow is being spearheaded by Alsea local searchers, the Mainwaring family, and the Oregon Air National Guard. It will begin at noon at the Alsea library.

The family of Mainwaring requests that anyone wishing to assist with the search do so “with weather gear, 4X4 vehicles, and the OnX app on their phone to map their search area.”

Who is Steven Mainwaring?

According to the information, Mainwaring is an engineering student at Oregon State University. And a member of the Oregon Air National Guard Unit stationed at Kingsley Air Field in Klamath Falls. He is from Klamath Falls and has gone hiking in the great outdoors.

He was described as being 6’2″ “with blonde hair and blonde eyes, weighing about 175 pounds. It is assumed that he was last seen around Alsea on December 18, 2022. According to his family, he is allegedly operating a 1994 blue Ford Bronco with the Oregon license plate 196LRU.

“Mainwaring is a devoted outdoor enthusiast who spends the majority of his leisure time hiking, fishing, and camping in the Oregon wilderness,” it continues. He had told his father he might go fishing, camping, or to the ocean for the holiday, but he didn’t come home for Christmas, and his phone has been dead or off since Sunday, December 18. No one has heard from him or seen his car since he failed to let anyone in his family or circle of acquaintances know what his plans were or where he was heading.

His Corvallis, Oregon home near the OSU campus has been checked, and according to his landlord, neither he nor his vehicle has been seen since before the holiday break.



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