KOIN anchor Mike Donahue passed away

Mike Donahue cause of death. (Source: Facebook)
Mike Donahue cause of death. (Source: Facebook)


Mike Donahue, a reporter and news anchor for Portland’s KOIN-TV for more than 40 years, has passed away at the age of 77. Everyone in the community is grieving the passing of the former KOIN anchor, which has left everyone in a state of pain.

Donahue was a local representative of the kind of recognizable face that viewers knew they could rely on to provide the day’s news in an honest, impartial manner back when viewers’ attention wasn’t split among a variety of sources.

To find out more about the late anchor Mike Donahue, his history, how he passed away, and other details, keep reading this article!

Who was Mike Donahue?

Mike Donahue was a highly regarded person in the journalism industry, best known for his extraordinary 44-year tenure as a news anchor at KOIN 6 News in Portland, Oregon.

Donahue attended the University of Oregon to study journalism after growing up in Albany. At the age of 22, shortly after graduating, he started working as a reporter for KOIN. Donahue served as a close family friend to many Portlanders throughout the years.

He worked for 44 years at KOIN-TV in Portland before retiring in 2012. Donahue covered a wide range of topics for KOIN throughout his tenure there, from the establishment of the Department of Environmental Quality in 1968 to the Mount St. Helens explosion in 1980.


The first report regarding the creation of the Oregon DEQ that Mike Donahue ever wrote for KOIN was in 1968. His retirement was announced during a noon newscast in 2012, marking the end of it.

He said that day,

“Everybody eventually retires, everyone who works. And because we’ve developed this relationship over the years I’ve reached that milestone and I’m announcing that I’m retiring today.”

However, he had covered a story about the nascent Oregon Department of Environmental Quality when he was a 22-year-old unknown reporter decades before.

Over the years, Mike traveled the globe and was assigned to several foreign countries, including Somalia. But the Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980 was one of his most enduring stories.

While covering the eruption, there were several humorous moments. A dog that was passing by got trapped in Mike’s microphone while he was live on TV. He expressed his gratitude for everyone’s support as he signed off on May 30, 2012.

After retiring in 2012, Mike underwent a throat surgery. Donahue’s vocal cords were injured during the procedure, which led to him losing his voice. Donahue said to KOIN that he was unsure of whether or when his voice would return.

According to his LinkedIn page, Donahue worked for Providence Health & Services after retiring KOIN.

How did Mike Donahue die? 

Mike Donahue, Former KOIN anchor who died at the age of 77, is mourned by Portland, Oregon, and the media community.

On his Facebook page, his family posted the terrible news at around 5:30 p.m.

The following message was posted on Facebook by his family:

It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of our beloved father. He lived a wonderful life and meant so much to so many. He will always be our Dad. We’d like to thank the countless people who sent us their love and prayers. While we are grieving this enormous loss, we are also thankful he is now at peace and once again with the love of his life, our Mom.

Donahue’s passing was also announced by KOIN just before 7 o’clock.

His reporting throughout the years has covered a wide range of topics, from local tales influencing the Portland community to global assignments that have taken him as far as Somalia.

His consistent appearance in viewers’ living rooms at all broadcast times, from early morning to prime time, established his reputation as a reliable journalist. Beyond his work in the journalism, Mike Donahue was a beloved friend and a role model for many.

He had a profound impact on the lives of innumerable others, establishing a legacy that goes well beyond the screen.

Without a question, Mike will be missed by everyone he impacted throughout the years, including friends, family, coworkers, and viewers.

Mike Donahue cause of death

Former KOIN anchor Mike Donahue passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Even though he was up against such a strong foe, Mike never gave up in his fight for courage and dignity.

In the case of Donahue, his diagnosis resulted in a valiant journey of medical treatments, showcasing the resiliency and tenacity that were emblematic of his character.

He never stopped motivating his coworkers or the innumerable fans that followed his profession for years.

His candor regarding his battle with pancreatic cancer highlights the value of early detection and raised awareness of this life-threatening condition.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike Donahue’s family as they deal with this terrible loss. There are no adequate words to adequately describe the experience of losing a cherished family member.

Mike will always be remembered for his work as a reliable media anchor, his commitment to journalism, and his influence on our lives.

Tributes to Mike Donahue

Portland’s KPTV and KPDX Television’s chief meteorologist, Mark Nelsen, posted on Facebook: “I watched Mike Donahue on TV when I was a little kid, then worked with him during the first 7 years of my TV career at KOIN. He came over and planted a rose (he loved them!) for my wife and I after our wedding as a gift. He was a truly good man that lived his Christian faith. He sure wouldn’t want to be ‘put on a pedestal,’ so humble, but know that a wonderful Portland broadcasting icon has passed today.”

On X, formerly known as Twitter, KPTV anchor Pete Ferryman posted, “Mike Donahue was the best of the best.”

Recently retired KPTV employee Wayne Garcia also posted on X, saying,  “So sorry to hear this sad news about a Portland legend. Mike was always there for all of us. A piece of Portland that I so much admired and respected has left us tonight. But his memory lives on in those of us who’ll remember his honesty and love of this city.”

In addition to his family, Mike Donahue’s loss is felt by the countless viewers and coworkers whose lives he touched during his career. His legacy will endure even though the Portland community has lost a respected voice and a well-known face.

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