Jared Gossage, 21, Wyoming, MI motorcyclist killed in crash in Grand Rapids

Motorcyclist Jared Gossage was killed in a collision. (Source: Facebook)
Motorcyclist Jared Gossage was killed in a collision. (Source: Facebook)


Jared Gossage, 21, of Wyoming, MI, was killed and another person was detained after a motorcycle vs. vehicle incident in Grand Rapids on Saturday morning.

As word of the tragedy spread, the neighborhood was overcome with sadness and shock. The loss of a life, especially one so young and full of promise, reverberates through the hearts of those who knew the person as well as those who did not. Keep reading to know more about the crash in detail.


Jared Gossage dead: What happened?

Officers were dispatched to E Chavez Ave SW and B St SW soon after midnight, according to the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Four people inside the car allegedly left the scene, but police managed to track down the driver and one of the passengers with the help of the Michigan State Police aircraft.

Jared Gossage, 21, of Wyoming, who was driving the motorcycle, passed away shortly.

An Oklahoma-born 18-year-old guy was the car’s driver. He received treatment at a neighborhood hospital and will now be arrested and charged with a felony.


The investigation is still ongoing. As they go through witness testimony, security footage, and physical evidence, investigators and law enforcement authorities are diligently trying to piece together the events that happened before the disaster. This is a difficult and time-consuming task because of how complicated current transportation systems are and the numerous factors at play. Each new piece of knowledge is essential to building a complete picture of what happened.

Anyone with information is urged to get in contact with Ofc. Kohl or Ofc. Thompson by phone at (616) 456-4513 or by email at [email protected].

Motorcycle Community Mourns

The motorcyclist’s loved ones, friends, and acquaintances are left to struggle with their grief as they attempt to cope with the sudden hole in their life. The emotional recovery from such a loss is a difficult process that calls for patience, understanding, and support from those close to the person experiencing it.

The tragic accident ultimately serves as an important reminder of the fundamental vulnerability we all experience while navigating the world. It encourages us to live with a greater sense of caution and sensitivity, seeing the immense ripple effects that accidents may have on people, families, and society at large.


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