Michelle Mullen died: How did the Brisbane police officer die? Skydiving accident Explained

An accident involving indoor skydiving in Brisbane’s North resulted in catastrophic injuries for a beloved Queensland police officer, who passed away one week later. Last Thursday afternoon, Michelle “Mully” Mullen was sent in critical condition to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, but she passed away on Wednesday from her wounds. Let’s see about it in detail.


How did Michelle Mullen die?

A senior police officer passed away six days after collapsing while indoor skydiving and suffering head and spinal injuries.

Acting Senior Sergeant Michelle Mullen, commonly known as “Mully,” suffered injuries on Thursday after she crashed into the edge of the wind tunnel at the Chermside, Brisbane, site of iFly Indoor Skydiving. She passed away at the young age of 52.

The 52-year-old Senior Sergeant Mullen is reported to have been a very skilled skydiver. The South Brisbane Crime Prevention Unit officer was referred to as “a well-known police officer and a friend to so many” in a note to her colleagues.

Her adoring friends called her “an inspiration” and “kindness itself.” They also mentioned Snr Sgt Mullen’s lifelong passion for skydiving, her sense of humour, and her heartfelt character. The coroner will receive a report, according to Queensland Police.

A Spokesman said,

‘Police are assisting Work Health and Safety investigations in relation to a 52-year-old woman sustaining critical injuries at an indoor skydiving venue in Chermside on January 19,’

‘The woman sadly passed away from her injuries at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital on January 25.’


Skydiving accident

Last Thursday at the iFly Indoor Skydiving facility in Chermside in north Brisbane, acting Senior Sergeant Michelle “Mully” Mullen struck the side of the wind tunnel.

An image of skydivers at the iFly indoor facility. (DAILYMAIL)

At 4.21 pm, paramedics were sent to the skydiving facility, along with a critical care team, and Snr Sgt. Mullen was taken in critical condition to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Sadly, she passed away from her wounds on Wednesday.


Who was Michelle Mullen?

Acting senior sergeant Michelle Mullen was a well-known police officer with the South Brisbane Crime Prevention Unit, a respected member of the force, and a beloved friend to many.


Authorities are currently looking into Michelle Mullen ’s death circumstances. The news has obviously crushed Michelle Mullen’s family and friends, and the community has been horrified by the tragic loss.

We send our sympathies to Michelle Mullen ’s family and friends during this difficult time.


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