Memphis girl found safe: What happened to Miracle Cooper? Revealed

Miracle Cooper

Update: The case involving the missing 15-year-old Miracle Cooper has been solved, according to a statement from the Memphis Police Department (MPD). The MPD says she is safe.

A 15-year-old girl, Miracle Cooper, is missing, and the Memphis Police Department (MPD) is looking for her.

According to the police, Miracle Cooper has been missing from the 800 block of Crossfield CV since September 1st.

According to a press statement, Cooper was left off at school and did not come home after school. She wore a black school shirt, black slacks, and clog shoes when she was last spotted. Miracle has braids on her hair.

Please call the Missing Persons Bureau at 901-636-4479 if you know her location.


The reaction of the public to recent Memphis kidnappings

A Memphis resident said,

I’m from Memphis. This case needed more coverage, but it did make the rounds on our Nextdoor apps and such. Also, for a day 3 other missing kids were in a car that was stolen, but the kids were later found having been dropped off in a park. It’s disturbing to the local population just how many folks have been kidnapped in the last 3 days. Something is so damn wrong here, and we are not alone. Very frustrating and heartbreaking.

Gilf Gound said,

I’m an Aussie so all of this is literally foreign to me. I just wanted to get the word out. That’s extremely alarming. I feel like the abduction of women has heightened in general. Absolutely terrifying.

Significant tear said,

Oh, Lawd please take the US national news shitshow for what it is! Profiteering and divisive.
There are 160 missing persons out of Memphis currently.

Pinkresidue said,

I think the reason why so many teens get so little coverage is that law enforcement writes them off as runaways. It’s really sad because at that age they can easily be targeted or groomed for human or sex trafficking.

Altruistic resort said,

This happened where I live a couple of years ago, 13 yr old girl. They had Her on camera in a car with an adult Male but still said They thought she went willingly! The Little Girl was found a couple of weeks later after the Man was arrested for killing someone else, of course, she had been assaulted and murdered. Even if They do run away, They are still Children !!

Rixiendub said,

I read there have been 100 kidnappings in Memphis in 2022! ONE HUNDRED. Eliza was like the 3rd in a week there but the other 2 were solved quickly and had good outcomes. Just because the national media isn’t profiting doesn’t mean LE is not doing its job. I personally wouldn’t want the media circus. Prayers for Miracle. EDIT I see a report on Miracle was on 2 local TV stations.



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