M25 Dartford crossing traffic: What happened? When will the problem be sorted?


M25 Dartford crossing traffic: What happened? When will the problem be sorted?


Real-time traffic updates for the M25 Dartford Tunnel as long lines and lane closures form to enter Essex. Let’s see regarding M25 Dartford Crossing traffic and when will the problem be sorted in detail

M25 Dartford crossing traffic

Following the closure of two lanes leading into Essex due to a broken-down vehicle, there is now heavy gridlock near the Dartford Tunnel on the M25. Between the J1A A206 and the J31 A1306 on the anticlockwise side of the M25 Dartford Tunnel, the car has broken down.

The left-hand tunnel is now shut down. The east tunnel is presently being used as a detour for traffic. Between 15:30 and 15:35, normal traffic conditions are anticipated to resume.

At this time, drivers should anticipate minor delays. The most recent report from traffic tracking service Inrix states: “Due to a broken down vehicle, two lanes of the M25 Dartford Tunnel were stopped and traffic was backed up in the counterclockwise direction from J1A A206 (Dartford) to J31 A1306 (Lakeside / Purfleet).

The tunnel on the left is blocked off. The higher of the two tunnels, the East Tunnel, is being used as a detour for traffic.”

A282 and M25 traffic updates in real-time:

The motorway reopens after police interaction close to Dartford. Following an incident this morning that was coordinated by the Metropolitan Police, the M25 has reopened between junctions 2 and 1A (immediately south of the Dartford River Crossing) (Monday, September 19).

From about 2 am to 5:15 am, the route was closed as Metropolitan Police handled the situation. While traffic was redirected via alternate routes, the M25’s roadway was shut down in both directions. We’ve been in touch with the Metropolitan Police to find out more about this occurrence.

The indicant’s nature is yet unknown. Throughout this morning, we’ll be providing you with the most recent traffic and travel updates. For additional information as it develops on this situation, keep reading our live blog below.

Roads reopened


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