Lugela Geraldez Morales died: Woman with autism mauled by her brother


Lugela Geraldez Morales died: Woman with autism mauled by her brother

Woman with autism mauled by her brother (Source: mytvcebu)

It’s extremely cruel that a woman with autism died after being attacked by her younger sibling. Lugela Geraldez Morales’s death news has been circulating on different social media platforms. People want to know what exactly happened to her. Let’s unfold the reason behind such a horrible incident and more on the case from this article.

Lugela Geraldez Morales death: What happened to her?

A 44-year-old girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder is dead after being beaten by her younger brother in Gentlepeace Subdivision, Barangay Lawaan in Talisay City at 10 pm on Thursday, May 25, 2023.

The victim is Lugela Geraldez Morales, while the suspect is identified as Levan Geraldez Morales. The victim, Lugela Geraldez Morales, died as a result of serious head and body injuries.

In the initial investigation by Talisay City Police, it was found that the suspect was angry after hitting the victim, also stemming from the victim’s anger that he hit his shoulder.

According to the victim’s mother’s account, which was used in the Talisay City Police inquiry, the incident began when the suspected drunk reached out and struck the victim’s shoulder.

Because of her disorder, the victim shouted it out and told her younger brother distressing tales, which greatly irritated the suspect.

The guy then hit the elderly woman repeatedly in the face after dragging her to the cement floor of their home. The suspect didn’t stop until it was moving and rebounding off the ground.

The families immediately contacted Talisay City’s medical staff to try to assist them, but when they stopped reacting, they were taken to Talisay District Hospital where it was declared that they were in life-threatening condition.

Police who responded to the scene detained the suspect, who will now appear in court on charges of homicide.


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