What happened to SmartAI? Is it a scam? Liberian community in panic, Sudden Closure Wipes Out Savings

Liberian Community in Panic as SmartAI's Sudden Closure Wipes Out Savings. (Source: Facebook)
Liberian Community in Panic as SmartAI’s Sudden Closure Wipes Out Savings. (Source: Facebook)


Liberians Heartbroken after Online Money Platform Scams Thousands, Declares Sudden Closure for Three Months; Funds Disappear. As SmartAI’s abrupt closure wipes out savings, the Liberian community is in turmoil. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


What happened? Is it a scam?

A startling turn of events has left many Liberians in a state of despair and agony as an online payment platform known as SmartAI operates a big hoax that leaves its members in devastation financially.

Unaware victims were left in complete amazement and financial disaster when the company abruptly announced its immediate closure for the following three months.

Immediately after the announcement, panic swept across the Liberian online community as people realized that all of their hard-earned money had disappeared into thin air.

The affected Liberians now face an uncertain future after placing their faith, time, and money in this seemingly reliable internet site.

There are still questions about the specifics of how big of a scam it was and how much money was lost. It’s unclear if it’s a hoax or what transpired.

Online rumours about the company’s closure include the following:

“The business intends to get ready for an American listing. The website will be momentarily unavailable during this time, and user account data will be kept in the US to better prepare for the listing.

All members don’t need to worry during the listing period because all account information and balances will be kept intact, and they will supply several supplemental and preferential activities.

Smart AI is anticipated to return to the Liberian market three months after its debut and provide users with enhanced services and experiences.

If the account balance is greater than 40,000 LRD after the firm goes public, the corresponding initial shares will be distributed, but the remaining funds may still be withdrawn.”

Unless the corporation directly addresses the public, people cannot be certain.

People reactions:

People have been discussing smart AI and posting screenshots of what has happened to their money as evidence. Some claim to have seen it coming and don’t believe in such deceptive claims.

Since the news broke, investors have been attempting to contact Smart AI, but the app won’t open and displays a status failed message.

Additionally, the group for Smart AI has been modified such that only admins are permitted to post.

One of the guys who was enticing individuals to join Smart Ai claims he lost money meant for his bike and school expenses.

And other individuals think Smart AI will return soon and that the money in their account will be restored safely.

Since it is their hard-earned money, the public deserves an explanation from this company. The government must act and provide for the needs of its citizens.


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