Birmingham collision: Liam Davis, cyclist dies after electric bike crash in Yardley


 Liam Davis, cyclist dies after electric bike crash in Yardley
Liam Davis, cyclist dies after electric bike crash in Yardley (Source: Davis’s Facebook)


Birmingham accident involving a car and an electric bike resulted in the death of a man. Liam Davis, cyclist dies after electric bike crash in Yardley, leaving his family and friends in grief.

His family, friends, and neighborhood have been posting on social media about their sorrow and requesting prayers for his family.

The tragic news shakes the families of the victims, breaking their hearts. Investigations into the incident’s circumstances are ongoing. In this post, let’s examine what happened to him and the passing of Liam Davis.

Birmingham collision: How did the mishap occur?

Police in Yardley have temporarily stopped part of a road after an electric bike collision. The bike and another vehicle were reportedly engaged in a collision near the intersection of Vera Road and Moat Lane earlier this evening, August 2, just after midnight, according to the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

The rider was in critical condition and receiving basic life support from police colleagues, according to an ambulance spokesperson. Immediately taking control and starting advanced life support procedures were ambulance staff.

Sadly, the man couldn’t be saved despite everyone’s best attempts, and he was declared dead at the site. While NX West Midlands has issued a warning about possible bus service disruptions in the area as a result of the road closure, police are still on the scene.

What happened to Liam Davis?

Liam Davis, a cyclist, lost his life in a horrific accident in Yardley according to the official findings. However, we learned more about the victim thanks to the condolence messages posted by her family on social media.

Around 12:08 this morning, an incident happened at the intersection of Vera Road and Moat Lane in Yardley. Two ambulances, a paramedic officer, and an Air Ambulance critical care car were sent to the area by West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Liam Davis aka Liam Odt Davis a cyclist riding an electronic bike, and a car were involved in a collision, it was reported to the crews. Basic life support was being given to Liam Davis, who was critically ill and being treated by police colleagues.

Ambulance personnel immediately figured out command and began advanced life support techniques. Unfortunately, it became apparent that Liam Davis couldn’t be saved, and he was certified dead at the scene despite everyone’s best attempts.

Three murder arrests after fatal Yardley crash 

The 22-year-old male, who was riding an electric bike, tragically passed away at the site. Investigations are still being conducted to find the implicated car, which is thought to be a white Seat Leon that fled the area.

A family liaison officer is helping the man’s family. While investigations are ongoing, the area is currently sealed off. Also, on suspicion of murder, three men, aged 17, 19, and 20, were detained early this morning from a Yardley house and are being held at this time.

Ongoing Investigation: Authorities’ statement

“We’re particularly keen to hear from anyone who was in the Moat Lane, Coventry Road, and Vera Road areas just before, or after the collision,” continued West Midlands Police.

“Anyone with dash cam footage should contact us immediately”. You can reach us by dialing 101 and quoting log 5203 of 1/8 or using the Live Chat feature on our website.

Let’s pray for his family

There are currently few specifics regarding the events surrounding the accident. Also, the Police authorities are looking into the incident very closely to determine the circumstances.

Moreover, we want the family and friends of Liam Davis to know that they are in our hearts and prayers during this trying time.

Everyone involved experiences a great shock when a loved one passes away in such a tragic and unexpected way. We are aware of the pain and sorrow that such a profound loss brings. Let’s offer prayers for his family.

Condolences messages posted on Social Media by his loved ones

Julie Neels Wrote,

Woke up 2 sad news can’t believe it was chatting with u a few days ago at Radleys…r I.p Liam Odt Davis fly high bro x my love with his family and friends at this sad time.

Gems Detox Wrote,

I’m absolutely devastated to hear this news can’t believe this has happened. Moreover, the pain you must all be feeling right now. Also, I only sat talking to Liam about a month ago. Never really got to know him enough R.I.P Liam 

Dee Sadler Wrote,

Omg, I’m so gutted spoke to him yesterday. R.I.P. fly high is gone way too soon. Also, to the family, I’m so sorry for ur loss keep strong God Bless 

One deep Rambo Wrote,

They can pay the price god willing justice will be served, was a good respectful kid who always love gna be missed kid Liam Odt Davis.

We should pray for his family and friends as they navigate this road to recovery together. Please feel free to drop condolences to Liam Davis by leaving a note below on the comments section below.


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