Watch Video: Dr. Diasco Vwaere dies after elevator hit the ground from 10th floor, What happened?

Watch Video: Dr. Diasco Vwaere dies after elevator hit the ground from 10th floor. (Source: Facebook)
Watch Video: Dr. Diasco Vwaere dies after elevator hit the ground from 10th floor. (Source: Facebook)


Dr Diasco Vwaere passed away yesterday at General Hospital Odan on Lagos Island due to an elevator accident. She was on the hospital elevator when it broke down on the 10th floor. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


Dr. Diasco Vwaere death: What happened?

It was a sad day for the family of Dr Diasco Vwaere because the young doctor died as a result of the disregard for human life displayed by government hospital administrators.

A malfunctioning elevator caused the death of Dr Diasco Vwaere, an employee who was completing her internship at the General Hospital on Odan Lagos Island, yesterday.

The incident took place in the hospital elevator, which broke down and fell to the ground.

She was on an elevator that dropped from the 10th floor to the ground. It was really terrible to watch the video.

Watch the Video here:

She was in the hospital elevator heading downstairs to get her supper from a Dispatch Rider when it broke down and fell from the 10th floor. Her extrication from the rubble took an hour after the elevator doors could be opened.

She initially survived with injuries, but there was a delay in giving her blood and medical care, which finally caused her death.

It’s important to note that Dr. Diasco Vwaere earned her degree from Babcock University.


Outarge among the public regarding the incident:

General hospital employees in Lagos have spoken out about the incident.

There are 10 storeys in the doctors’ quarters at General Hospital Lagos. There is no running water, and the elevator is broken. Pregnant women and doctors who reside on the 10th level frequently climb the stairs.

According to employees at the hospital, they said the elevator had been broken for a year. She passed away two weeks before the end of her internship.

They claim that the reality that they have long complained about this elevator makes them feel particularly resentful. Each time they needed to use it, they prayed, manoeuvred, and managed.

Until it killed one of them, the management used to make empty pledges to fix it.

They claim that they lack a voice and are still owed the salary of doctors who worked in December of last year. Even if they speak, the management threatens to suspend their license.

Warnings and complaints were made, but they went ignored, and as a result, life has been lost as a result of something preventable.

In a perfect world, general hospitals would set the standard for all other healthcare facilities, but in Nigeria, it’s distressing to see that the opposite is true. Given the high number of fatalities attributable to poor general hospital facilities, the government must do better.


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