Kerri Chandler mourns the passing of his mother and reschedules tour dates

Kerri Chandler mourns the passing of his mother and reschedules tour dates

Kerri Chandler mourns the passing of his mother and reschedules tour dates. Let’s see more details about Kerri Chandler in the following paragraphs.

What happened to Kerri Chandler’s mother?

Kerri Chandler’s mother was admitted to the hospital for a while. she passed away this morning. He posted the demise of his mother on social media with one of his favorite childhood pics. It says,

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support, Whilst my mother was in the hospital. However, she passed away this morning. I will have to reschedule a few of my tour dates in the next coming weeks. Thank you for your love and understanding. This photo was one of my favorite moments with my parents when I took them both to fly kites 🪁 on the beach. I will miss them both. With Love, Respect, and Admiration. Your loving Son, Kerri

Kerri Chandler mourns the passing of his mother and reschedules tour dates

Who is Kerry Chandler?

Kerri Camar Chandler is an American house DJ and record producer. 

Growing up in a jazz musician family in New Jersey had a big impact on Chandler. His DJ father, Joseph Chandler, gave him knowledge of the roots of soul, disco, and the New York Underground Sound. At the age of 13, while accompanying his father to gigs, he started playing records at the Rally Racquet Club in East Orange, New Jersey. At age 14, he started making songs and doing studio internships. Since 1991, when his debut song “Super Lover/Get It Off” was made available by Atlantic Records, Chandler has put out more than 100 records. In the 1980s, he also worked as a resident DJ at Club Zanzibar, which was the birthplace of a deep house or garage house in Newark, New Jersey.

He is the founder of the house music label Madhouse Records (not to be confused with Dave Kelly’s reggae label of the same name) whose signings include Roy Ayers and Dennis Ferrer and more recently MadTech Records, whose roster includes No Artificial Colours, Citizen, Kashii, Waze & Odyssey, and Waifs & Strays.

In 2016 he founded his third record label, Kaoz Theory, which has included releases from notable artists Jamie Jones, Satoshi Tomiie, Seth Troxler, and The Martinez Brothers.

Kerri Chandler mourns the passing of his mother and reschedules tour dates
Kerry Chandler concert(Source :Skiddle)

Kerry Chandler Postpones current tour

Kerry Chandler announced that he is postponing the current tour because of the demise of his mother. He is doing concerts, events, and live programs around the world. Here is the date schedule of his concerts. 19 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, etc.

  • Sun, APR 30. Warehouse Project Rotterdam 2023. Rotterdam, Netherlands. …
  • Sat, MAY 6. Toe Jam Backlot. Miami, FL. …
  • May. 13 – 14, 2023. Awakenings Amsterdam 2023. …
  • May. 26 – 28, 2023. …
  • Sat, MAY 27. Dream Valley 2023. …
  • Sun, MAY 28. Gala Festival. …
  • Fri, JUN 2. Moga Caparica. …
  • Sat, JUN 17. Madame Loyal Bordeaux – Parc des expositions.
  • Sun, Ahu 6. D8 in the Garden 2023

Tributes poured in for his mother

Melanie posted

My condolences and prayers to you and your family🙏🏽 May the Highest bring you comfort and peace. 🕊❤️

Richard perry

Oh my, I’m so sorry for your loss. It is the hardest thing in life I’ve had to deal with. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ❤️

Nadir Karim

Sorry for your loss Kerri Chandler 🙏🏾what a gorgeous picture of a mother and son enjoying the simple things in life. I’m sorry for your loss bro may GOD bless her journey to him, and always remember the times spent with her bro GOD bless

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