Kelly Rusike death: How did the Jazz musician die? cause of death and obituary

Kelly Rusike cause of death. (Facebook/ Kelly Rusike)

Tragic News of the Passing of Legendary Bassist Kelly Rusike of The Rusike Brothers Shocks the Music Industry. Rusike reportedly passed away on the evening of May 17 in Harare. Keep reading to know about the Jazz musician’s cause of death in detail.


Who was Kelly Rusike?

Kelly Rusike, a renowned bassist in jazz from Zimbabwe, was a member of the Rusike Brothers, a family group that got its start in Lusaka, Zambia, in 1978.

During the freedom fight in 1965, the Rusikes relocated from Zimbabwe to Zambia. Kelly Rusike, along with his brothers, who were also well-known on Zimbabwean television in the 1990s, had already put out an album and many songs as a member of his legendary band, The Rusike Brothers.

Their father, Abiathar Rusike, trained his five kids to become musical superstars while also working as a teacher, journalists, and musician. Tawanda, Abbie, Kelly, Philip, and Colin were among the siblings.

The Jackson Five and other Black American pop artists of the 1970s influenced them. Following the country’s independence, they returned to Zimbabwe in 1980 and rose to fame with songs such as BP Yangu Yakwira, Saturday Night, and Cecilia.

They also worked on various advertising projects, including the well-known Ngwerewere Sadza commercial. Shed Productions, a significant recording studio in Zimbabwe that created jingles and songs, was owned by Kelly Rusike, a seasoned producer, writer, arranger, and sound engineer.

Kelly shared the stage with several legendary musicians, including the late Dr. Oliver Mutukudzi, Jimi Dludlu, and Rozalla Miller, while performing for European royalty.

In addition to founding his jazz group Jazz Invitation, he was the owner of the famed Shed Studios, which created music for commercials and jingles.


‘The Rusike Brothers’

In the 1980s, the disco genre was made famous by The Rusike Brothers, a renowned Zimbabwean musical ensemble. The group’s number one hit, “Saturday Night,” propelled them to national fame.

Most people are familiar with the group from the well-known “Ngwerengwere Sadza” commercial that aired on ZTV in the 1980s and early 1990s.

There were five siblings in the group: Tawanda, Phillip, Abby, Collin, and Kelly. Abiathar and Janet Rusike gave birth to them. He was the son of Matthew Rusike, a Methodist minister who established the Matthew Rusike Children’s Home in Harare. Before Zambia gained its independence, the siblings lived there.

(From Left to Right) The Rusike Brothers-Tawanda, Collin, Abby, Phillip, and Kelly.

(Facebook/Rusike Brothers Band)

The Brothers were among the first bands from Zimbabwe to receive endorsements that allowed them to appear in commercials.

They appeared in the 1986 “Merlin Towels” advertisement and the well-known “Ngwerewere” (1991) film.

By being among the first to perform outside of the country, the group made their own mark on history.

In 1992, they set out on a tour of the UK, performing in well-known clubs and venues. Additionally, they collaborated with Red Bus Studios and other European record labels.

Kelly devoted his life to music and used it to change many people’s lives. He is moving to a higher realm where “the journey continues,” but his music will always have a special place in our hearts.


How did Kelly Rusike die?

The legendary Rusike Brothers’ Kelly Rusike, a Zimbabwean bassist, has passed away on May 17,2023.

On Thursday morning, further details of the prolific music producer, arranger, and instrumentalist’s passing were released in a statement by the family.

“It is with profound sadness that we announce the death of our young brother Kelly Rusike who passed away on the 17th of May 2023 after a long battle with diabetes.

Kelly lived for his music and touched many lives through it.

His music will forever live in our hearts as he travels to a higher place where “the journey continues.”

In collaboration with his brothers, Kelly recorded an album and numerous songs under The Rusike Brothers.


Kelly Rusike cause of death

People thought Kelly Rusike had an optimistic personality. His most recent Facebook post shows he was optimistic despite his circumstances.

He wrote,

“Trials and tribulations will always be there to test us. But we keep a positive mental attitude to over come them #thejourneycontinues”

Given the recent news, many people must be interested in learning Kelly Rusike cause of death. The passing of bass guitar legend Kelly Rusike this Thursday has cast a gloomy shadow over the Zimbabwean music industry. We are sorry to inform you that Kelly Rusike passed on the 17th of May 2023 after a long battle with diabetes.


Tributes to Kelly Rusike

Kelly Rusike’s friends and family, as well as everyone else, is currently stressed out from grieving for him, thinking about him, praying for his afterlife, and sharing condolences on social media.

His cousin Kwert Rusike wrote: “Magical Memories! It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye! Life won’t be the same without you! Fly High Uncle Kelly Rusike. I’m broken 💔”

Wendel Kyle Jamieson wrote: “I cannot put into words who you were to me or what you did for me Kelly, but I will try. You were a mentor, Dad and my best friend. We have been through ups and down but you were always the pillar and always had a positive outlook on everything. Ive suffered so much loss as of late as have so many people. I appreciate you bro, you will be missed “the journey continues” as you always said. Heaven has gained a real one. Deepest condolences to Cole & Courtney and to the Rusike Brothers, to his family and friends. Much love to you Kelz you live forever in our hearts. 💔💔💔🙏🙏



Funerals are an exceedingly tough time for friends and family. Their obituary must be published online due to the potential that they won’t be able to attend the funeral, allowing those who deeply cared about them while they were alive to watch or engage with it.

Losing a loved one is among the hardest experiences anybody can have in life. Any journey must have a final destination. Sadly, the person’s time on earth has now come to an end with their death.

We at MEDICOTOPICS send our thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, and loved ones as we wish him eternal peace.


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