Kato Lubwama death: How did the comedian & former MP die? Cause of death and obituary

Kato Lubwama cause of death. (Source: Facebook/Kato Lubwama)

Kato Lubwama, an ex-MP for Rubaga South, has passed away. The shocking news of Lubwama’s passing shook many of the top figures in politics and entertainment, some of whom hurried to the Stana Medical Centre in Bunamwaya where he passed away. Keep reading to know more about Kato Lubwama and his cause of death in detail.


Who was Kato Lubwama?

Kato Lubwama aka Bisso was a Ugandan politician, drama actor, musician, songwriter, comedian, former radio presenter and businessman.

As the creator of Diamonds Ensemble, a theatre company credited with resurrecting the form in Uganda, Kato gained fame in the 1990s.

Following his transition to radio, Lubwama achieved popularity for his work on the CBS FM series Kalisoliso, where he collaborated fruitfully with fellow actresses Abby Mukiibi and Patrick Mujjuka.

He entered politics in 2016 and was chosen as the deputy for the Rubaga Sud constituency.


Kato Lubwama, who was born on August 16, 1970, finished primary-level examinations at Nabagereka Primary School in 1993. At Old Kampala Secondary School, Lubwama took the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exam in 1988. At Makerere University Kampala, Lubwama received his Special University Entry Examination, Certificate Other, in 1991–1992. At Makerere University in Kampala, Lubwama graduated with a diploma in music, dance, and drama in 1994.

Drama actor Kato Lubwama served as the director of the Royal Theatre from 2010 till his death. From 2016 to 2021, Rubaga South has been a member of parliament. He runs several enterprises, including one where he serves as director of B24TV in Uganda. He also deals in the maize flour industry.


Kato Lubwama thought that during his first term in office, he should eat, and during his second term, he should eat with his fellow citizens. Unfortunately, Aloysius Charlton Mukasa of the National Unity Platform (NUP) defeated Lubwama in the general elections of 2021, preventing him from serving a second term in parliament. Before the 2016 general elections, Lubwama was cited as pleading with supporters to elect him to Parliament so that he may also “eat” the money paid to lawmakers.

Independent candidate Kato Lubwama claims he left the Democratic Party (DP) due to its corrupt leaders. They established a lobbying group called “Solida,” which is derived from the term solidarity, and their goal is to restore DP to its previous splendour. He is unable to defect to another party because of his intense loyalty to DP. Before this, Habib Buwembo, a voter from Lubaga South, challenged Lubwama’s 2016 election because the legislator cheated Makerere University and was admitted in 1992 for a diploma in Music and Drama even though he hadn’t reached the university’s minimum mature age of 25.

In support of his claim, Buwembo pointed out that Lubwama was 22 years old at the time, three years younger than the required minimum age for admittance by a mature person. According to Buwembo, the lawmaker is ineligible for a position in parliament since he does not have the Primary Leaving, Uganda Certificate of Education (PLE), and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) credentials (or their equivalents).


The song Tetunakuta, which means “We are not yet satisfied,” was just released on September 25, 2020 by the musician Kato Lubwama. His other songs include Tulye, Bank Yebyama, Abantu Bazibu, Akanaku, and Dimitinya.


How did Kato Lubwama die?

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, June 7, 2023, popular Ugandan comedian and former MP Kato Lubwama was announced dead. Social media was flooded with the tragic news of Kato Lubwama’s passing just after midnight on Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

The announcement of Kato Lubwama’s passing on TikTok was made by local event promoter Bajjo, real name Andrew Mukasa.

“Hon Kato Lwabwama is dead. Your former MP is dead. That’s what I can say,”

Bajjo declared in a brief video he released on his social media accounts before Kato’s official social media accounts were updated by a Lubwama Twitter account administrator.

Many people in Uganda’s entertainment business are in grief over the passing of Lubwama, a popular personality. A well-known actor and comedian, Lubwama enthralled audiences with his performances. He was a playwright and the creator of the Diamonds Ensemble, therefore his contributions to the arts went beyond comedy.

His passing signifies the end of a multifaceted person who made a substantial contribution to Uganda’s political and entertainment worlds, although his reign was not without controversy. Many people who loved his brilliance and charisma were devastated to hear of his untimely passing.


Kato Lubwama cause of death

Kato Lubwama was regarded as having a friendly personality. Many people must be curious to know the Kato Lubwama cause of death in light of the recent news.

Kato Lubwama, a former MP for Rubaga South, passed suddenly tragically. Due to his preexisting cardiac disease, the comedian from Uganda was declared dead from a heart attack. At the Stana Medical Centre in Bunamwaya, where he frequently underwent routine examinations, Lubwama reportedly passed away on June 7.

Heart issues have been a problem for Kato Lubwama in recent years. Kato Lubwama, the founder of Diamonds Ensemble, Diamonds Production, and B24 TV, underwent heart surgery in March 2022.

The actor was hospitalised at Medipal International Hospital in Kampala in 2020, where he underwent two successful major operations. At the time, the doctors said he had two large colon tumours removed.

He was eventually airlifted to Turkey, where he had a successful procedure and seemed to be stabilised. Despite this, he continued to have regular medical exams to keep track of his condition.

Unfortunately, Kato Lubwama passed away. Many people are in mourning over the passing of Lubwama, a well-liked personality in Uganda’s entertainment sector.


Tributes to Kato Lubwama

People sent condolences to Lubwama’s family on social media as a result of the outpouring of grief.

John Segawa, an actor and director who was a close friend of Lubwama’s, posted a touching message of affection and sorrow, referring to Lubwama as his mentor and devoted brother.

Segawa conveyed his profound sorrow and unwavering affection for Lubwama before wishing him a peaceful departure.


Artist Fauziah Nakiboneka wrote: “We are surely going to miss you alot Kato lubwama you have been one of the major pillars that have supported the art industry for so many years, your humour, your personality naye mukama yatusinga okumanya naye it’s such a big blow.”

Erias Lukwago, Lord Mayor Kampala and works for Former Member of Parliament and Lukwago and Co.Advocates, wrote: “Indeed life is nothing else but vanity. You lived your multi-dimentional life as a prolific artist, a maverick politician, a celebrated radio presenter, controversial blogger and businessman. Those of us who shared teenage life with you in Kampala (while at Old Kampala SS and myself at Kampala High) will particularly treasure those fond memories of a then-budding artist with rib-tickling antics. Your love and passion for art and music never waned or even slackened till death. Your political life has been a rollercoaster: Loved and loathed in equal measure!. Personally I disapproved of a number of your political decisions and statements but you nevertheless made your mark. Rest in peace Omulongo Kato Lubwama.”



One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.

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