Kason thomas found safe: Why Nalah Jackson kidnapped the twin? Suspect arrested, Explained

Kason Thomas, the 5-month-old baby who was kidnapped with his twin while inside a car that was stolen Monday, was found secure and alive in Indianapolis on Thursday, just hours after the suspect was taken into custody, according to a statement from the Columbus Division of Police. Let’s see about it in detail.

Kason Thomas found safe

A 5-month-old Columbus twin named Kason Thomas who had gone missing had been located 175 miles away in Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department discovered him at 6:46 p.m. inside his mother’s stolen 2010 Honda Accord in a Papa John’s pizza parking lot (IMPD).

The kid was still sporting the same brown onesie he was sporting when he was last spotted on Monday night, and he appeared to be in good health and was breathing normally.

As a precaution, he was sent to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis for an examination.

Police said in a tweet.,

“The 5-month-old boy is in good health and being transported to a hospital to be checked out,”

“We are grateful to the public for their help throughout this investigation, and for the tireless work of our officers and our many partner agencies.”

Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant released a statement Thursday evening:

“We are grateful to the public for their help throughout this investigation, and for the tireless work of our officers and our many partner agencies. They never stopped, never gave up hope, and would not rest until Kason was found. We are beyond thankful for their relentless dedication.

The Emergency Operation Center remains open even though Kason has been found. If you have any information that could be helpful with this case, please call our tip line at 614-645-4701.”

Suspect Arrested

Kason and Kyair Thomas were in a black 2010 Honda Accord that was left running outside a pizzeria on High Street in Columbus on Monday night while their mother, Wilhelmina Thomas, a DoorDash driver, was picking up a restaurant order, according to a previous CNN report.

According to Franklin County Municipal Court documents, Jackson was seated inside the eatery when the woman left through a side door, got in the car with the two babies, and left.

Around 11:45 p.m. on Monday, Jackson was seen in surveillance photographs pulling into a gas station in Huber Heights.

The automobile was missing when she arrived.

Kyair was discovered wandering outside the Dayton International Airport at 4:45 am on Tuesday and was later reunited with his family. Two days later, Kason was located.

Around 4:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Kyair was subsequently discovered abandoned close to the Dayton International Airport, but Kason was still missing.

Following many tips that the suspect was in the neighborhood, Indianapolis Metro Police Department (IMPD) officers apprehended Nalah Jackson at around 2 p.m. on Thursday, according to Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant.

Kason was not discovered with Jackson when she was taken into custody, according to Bryant. Kason was discovered on Thursday wearing the identical clothing that was described as being on him on Monday and was driving the stolen Honda Accord, according to the police.

Jackson, 24, was accused of kidnapping on two felony charges. Jackson will be charged on a federal level because she crossed state lines, according to Bryant.

she said,

“It will be a federal investigation.”

According to an online docket, a Franklin County Court warrant was issued for Jackson’s detention.


At 1:37 a.m. on Tuesday, an Amber Alert was issued for the twins, according to authorities.

Police were informed by restaurant staff that a homeless woman left the establishment after the mother of the twins did. Later, the person was seen on camera at a petrol station where she requested cash from a worker.

Authorities don’t think the family of the twins and the suspect are related.

At the news conference on Thursday, Deputy Chief Smith Weir of the Columbus Police Department reported that since Wednesday, officers had received “over three dozen tips” from all around the state.

Officers “implored” the witnesses to dial 911 after receiving many calls late on Thursday morning from Indiana residents who claimed to have seen Jackson in Indianapolis.

Around 2:00 p.m., IMPD notified Columbus police that they had stopped a person they thought to be Jackson, and both agencies collaborated to identify her before taking her to jail, according to Weir.

A history of child endangerment

According to incident reports from the Riverside Police Department, Jackson made three trips to Riverside, a Dayton suburb, over the previous two months to get in touch with her two daughters. The most recent visit was on December 15.

Jackson’s ex-boyfriend and daughter’s father, Dominic Davies, informed Riverside police that due to Jackson’s drug use and mental illness, he had sole custody of the kids.

Davies claimed that compared to the person he first met and had a relationship with between 2017 and 2019, Jackson is “like a different person” now.

“I don’t know really what switched in her. She’s like a different person. She doesn’t even look the same.”

According to Franklin County Municipal Court records, she had prior encounters with law enforcement including allegations and charges of child endangerment.

According to court documents, Jackson admitted guilt to child endangerment charges in June 2021 after her 11-month-old daughter fell down an apartment stairway.

Emergency medical personnel had to force open the door since she would not open it for them in order to provide aid. She received a brief jail term and was put on probation through 2023.


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