Jan Mickelson death: Former Iowa Radio host died, Cause of death & Obituary


Jan Mickelson God Father of Lowa Talk Radio died

We are saddened to report that Jan Mickelson, the Godfather of Iowa talk radio has passed away. The sudden and tragic loss of God Father of Iowa Talk Radio Jan Mickelson has left colleagues, friends, and viewers in shock and mourning.

As a husband, father, and radio talk show host he remained firmly planted and rooted in the values of Iowa and your audience.

The passing of Jan Mickelson is a great loss to the Radio community and to those who knew him personally. His talent, dedication, and warm personality endeared him to many viewers over the years.

He leaves behind a lasting legacy as a respected human being and legendary Godfather of Iowa talk radio. Let’s see what happened to him and Jan Mickelson cause of death in detail.

What happened to Jan Mickelson?

Former WHO Radio midday talk show host Jan Mickelson passed away last night.  Jan was always a great supporter of what we did over at WHO and KXNO.

We appreciate you letting us into your life and learning from and loving you. As cheers of acclamation go across the heavens, the voice may remain hushed here.

Here’s a message from his family:

“Jan went home to be with the Lord last night. Our family is grateful for all the warm wishes, love, and support. Your kindness and prayers have sustained us these last few days. “Jan loved to entertain, inform, and educate. He loved his listeners, all of them. His greatest legacy is the folks he inspired.”

Jan Mickelson cause of death

Today, Jan Mickelson, a cherished individual and the God Father of Iowa Talk Radio, is mourned by his family and supporters. His untimely death has raised questions about his health and potential illness.

He had a profound impact on countless people’s lives and was full of life, adventure, insight, and plenty of fun. He led a fulfilling life by amusing everyone and making friends with everyone.

Critically analyzing concepts and preconceptions, he provided a fresh perspective on a variety of challenging subjects.

On July 30, his family disclosed that Jan Mickelson was receiving hospice care and was not doing well. According to the family statement, he died after receiving hospice care for kidney failure and low blood pressure. Therefore, it was confirmed that Jan Mickelson cause of death was Protracted illness.

Take a look at his family’s message below:

We are looking for prayers, as Dad’s not doing well. He’s still responsive and STILL making the nursing staff laugh. “I’m outta gas” is the best line of the morning so far. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition with low pressure and failing kidney function. Mom and I, Jill, Alexander, and Evonelle are all asking for prayers of recovery and comfort and support. Any prayers help. Thank you so much.

Did Jan Mickelson suffer any illness before his passing?

As we delve into the life and career of Jan Mickelson, we will explore any information available about his health before his passing and the circumstances surrounding Jan’s demise.

Yeah, as per the reports stated in the year 2015, it was confirmed that radio host Jan Mickelson suffered a stroke.

You can read the full illness story of Jan Mickelson on his GOFUNDME page

Mickelson posted about the stroke on his Facebook page

Jan Mickelson, host of a radio talk program and a persistent interviewer of Republican presidential candidates running for office in Iowa, is a pain in the side of liberals.

“On Saturday, 11/21, we were trying out our new Power Pressure Cooker XL when I started slurring my words and got a bit dizzy. Suzy sat me down, called 911, and Ankeny Paramedics responded immediately.

They took me to Mercy Hospital where they confirmed I’d just had a stroke. I had TPA (tissue plasminogen activator) which works by dissolving the blood clot as well as a relatively new neurological surgery that removes the clot from the artery.

I was life-flighted to the University of Iowa Hospitals as they are the only facility in the state which performs the procedure. “I’m recovering and doing well. Suzy and Scott are with me. Please pray for me.” 


Jan Mickelson Conservative talk radio host

An Iowa-born talk radio presenter named Jan Mickelson is well-known for his racism towards Muslims and LGBTQ Americans as well as his extreme views on immigration.

During the 2016 Republican primaries, he spoke with a lot of potential presidential candidates. Mickelson, a native of Harlan, has worked for WHO Radio since 1988.

He often conducts interviews with Republican presidential candidates, attracting a sizable audience of Iowan conservative listeners.

However, he has frequently come under fire from liberal activist groups for his contentious statements on a variety of issues, including immigration, same-sex marriage, and many more.


It’s sad to have to say goodbye to someone we love. I hope the wonderful memories you shared with Jan Mickelson bring you some solace. I’m writing this obituary to let you know that Jan Mickelson, the founder of Iowa Talk Radio, passed away.

Last night, Jan Mickelson passed away after a protracted illness. Jan Mickelson was a radio great, one of the smartest funny people and simply an amazing human. Jan loved to entertain, inform, and educate. He loved his listeners, all of them.

His greatest legacy is the folks he inspired. ” We send our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and everyone else whose life he touched as we mourn his passing. During this difficult period of mourning and reflection, our thoughts and prayers are with them. 

Moreover, his family will make further announcements regarding funeral services and preparations. No details on survivors were immediately available. And as soon as we receive official reports, we will update the information. Also, feel free to drop your condolences below in the comment section.

Medico Topics extends our deepest condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time. Let us be a source of strength and comfort for one another as we navigate through this painful journey of grief and remembrance.


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