James Shepherd death: Brass band legend dies aged 86 following a stroke


James Shepherd Brass band legend dies aged 86

We received the terrible news of James Shepherd’s passing today. James Shepherd was a brass band icon and the former principal cornet of Carlton Main Frickley Colliery.

More than just a musical mentor and inspiration, he was a magnificent guy whose passion for music influenced the lives of countless people.

People all around the world were completely and utterly shocked to learn of his passing since he was one of the most gifted cornet players in the history of the entire world. Keep reading to learn more about James Shepherd death.

James Shepherd death

James Shepherd, the former lead cornet of the Black Dyke Mills Band died. On June 22nd, he passed away at the age of 86 after complications from a stroke.

He was at peace and surrounded by those he loved; he was a beautiful man who had a significant positive influence on the lives of many.

Through the legendary recordings of solos like “Pandora” and “Cleopatra,” he not only inspired generations of cornet players to try and imitate his playing but also helped Black Dyke win numerous tournaments throughout his career, including a memorable British Open/National “Double” in 1972.

All the while, he mentored numerous young players who later went on to have illustrious careers in their own right and founded the renowned JSVB ensemble.

In a brief statement, Jim Shepherd’s family said:

“It is with heavy hearts and great grief that we inform everyone of Jim’s demise on Tuesday evening following a stroke. He was serene and surrounded by those he loved; he was a lovely soul who had a profound impact on so many people’s lives. As soon as more information is available, it will be provided.

James Shepherd: Biography

James Shepherd was regarded as one of the best cornet players to ever put a mouthpiece to lip. Jim Shepherd was destined to become a true legend of the brass band movement from his early years and his hesitant first appearances on stage at the Newbiggin Salvation Army Citadel.

He advanced quickly, and after completing his National Service, he was spotted and offered to join the Carlton Main and Frickley Colliery Band in Yorkshire.

Jack Atherton, another name that evokes nostalgia, was the band’s director. He made an early impression on the Yorkshire Band scene and was named the country’s top soloist for three consecutive years in the 1960s.

Before leaving in 1973 to lead his James Shepherd Versatile Brass band from what many people believed would be a short-lived novelty, he guided Black Dyke through one of their most illustrious times.

Musical Career

His relationship with the group would extend for 25 years, during which time they performed all over the world and received rave reviews everywhere they went.

Moreover, he has taught innumerable individual students throughout his long career, many of whom have gone on to join some of the best brass bands, orchestras, and military-style bands in the nation.

Along with all the other students who only desired to take pleasure in performing and creating music at their performance level.

When confronted by a group of children who are taking their own initial cautious steps and as of yet have little or no competence when attending the occasional Masterclass, he is in his element.

All of Jim’s young students think the world of him and strive to do their best for him despite the fact that he is renowned as a strict taskmaster. Jim has the patience and uncommon gift of being able to bring the most out of his young students.

About Black Dyke Band

One of the oldest and most well-known brass bands in the world is the Black Dyke Band, formerly known as the John Foster & Son Black Dyke Mills Band.

In the middle of the 19th century, John Foster started a number of neighborhood bands at the family’s textile mill in Queensbury, West Yorkshire. Through recordings for film and television as well as competitive band competitions, the group has gained prominence.

The band gained fame by contributing to the 1997 BBC gardening makeover program Ground Force soundtrack and making an appearance in the 1999 holiday episode of Victoria Wood’s sitcom Dinnerladies.

They contributed to the 1998 song “That’ll Do” from Babe: Pig in the City, which was nominated for an Academy Award. The Beatles, Paul McCartney, and Tori Amos, among other performers, have used them in recordings and live performances.

The band won the British Open Championship for a record 30th time in 2014 and the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain for a record 23rd time. They have also achieved a record thirteen European Championship victories, the most recent coming in 2015.

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