How did William Friend die? Bevin Prince’s husband Cause of Death

William Friend Cause of Death

William Friend, the husband of One Tree Hill celebrity Bevin Prince, has passed away. He was 33. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was William Friend Cause of Death.

How did William Friend die?

In Sunday, William Friend, 33, was discovered unconscious on a boat close to Masonboro Island.

During a normal patrol, citizens waved down the authorities, who then sent their marine team to the scene.

When deputies discovered Friend on the boat, they gave him CPR and transported him to EMS.

Before Friend was declared dead, EMS made 20 minutes of attempts to revive him, according to WECT.

Odette Annable, a friend of Bevin Prince’s and a fellow performer, posted a sorrowful tribute to him on Instagram to confirm his passing.

William Friend Cause of Death

William Friend, the spouse of Bevin Prince of One Tree Hill, has passed away. He was 33.

The National Lightning Safety Council reports that on Sunday, Friend was struck by lightning. According to WECT-TV, the medical staff battled to revive him for 20 minutes until he was declared dead in the ambulance.

He was on a boat at Masonboro Island, close to his house in Wilmington, North Carolina when the tragic event happened.

A request for comment from PEOPLE was not immediately answered by Prince’s agents.

 Who is William Friend?

According to the official Bisnow website, Friend was born in London but relocated to the United States at the age of 15. He told “The Fort” in 2019 that he could “feel the American dream” and “fall in love” with the nation after visiting with a friend.

After transferring from his secondary English school to St. Albans School in Washington, D.C., he earned his degree from Dallas, Texas’ Southern Methodist University.

Where Did He Work?

In 2015, Friend was appointed CEO of the real estate company Bisnow, where he was responsible for “its growth to include 650 annual digital and live events in 50 international territories, 11 million news readers, and more than 250 employees across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Ireland,” according to the Bisnow website.

In addition to his work with Bisnow, Friend and Prince founded Recess, a cycling and fitness business, after Friend relocated to North Carolina from New York City during the coronavirus outbreak.

Relationship status

Prince, on the other hand, frequently gushed on social media about her spouse. For Friend’s birthday in July 2020, the North Carolina native wrote, “I adore the way you come through, support, care, and fight for the people and things you love.” I feel so fortunate to have seen you improve this planet.

The founder of Bisnow Media, Mark Bisnow, echoed this assessment, stating that “His British accent, charismatic attitude, and flare for life, set him apart from others his age and made him so memorable.”

Friend was a passionate animal lover, especially of dogs, if the pictures shared on Annable and Prince’s Instagram sites are any clue.

Friend didn’t simply move to the North Carolina coast in 2020 for family reasons; the House alum has posts on her social media featuring her hubby having fun in boats and on the sand.

Tributes to William’s Death

Following his demise on Wednesday, July 6, actress Odette Annable praised Friend on Instagram, writing, “What a gift you gave to everyone that knew you to experience the passion that burned in your spirit.” “[Your] ambition to serve others, to grow your business, and to discover happiness was unlike anything I’d ever seen…. You were ideal in every aspect for [Bevin]. I will always be grateful that I got to observe that sort of love because you helped her achieve her goals, you gave her a sense of inclusion, and you adored her with all of your heart.

Before saying her last goodbyes, the Supergirl alum described Friend as a “witty, handsome British man who loved the heck out of America,” adding that the Londoner passed away in a “blaze of glory.”

William Cacusso said, “Friend in the Netherlands says situation is wild. Some are already talking of going to war with the government! Apparently the fisheries have entered the fray and have blocked several ports. A lot of talk among farmers about “great reset” and “WEF”!”


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