How did Manny Charlton die? What happened? Cause of Death Explained

Manny Charlton Cause of Death

The Scottish hard rock group’s founding member was Manuel Charlton. At age 80, he passed away. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Manny Charlton Cause of Death.

Manny Charlton Cause of Death

At the age of 80, Manny Charlton, who was best known for being one of the founding members of the rock group Nazareth, passed away.

According to Blabbermouth, his grandson Jamie Charlton posted a picture of himself and the rock legend on social media to confirm the awful news.

In the post’s caption, he said, “RIP Grandad.”

The family hasn’t issued an official comment as of the time of writing. A mystery surrounds Charlton’s demise as well.

Manny Charlton’s Career in Nazareth

From the time the Scottish hard rock band was created until 1990, the musician worked as their guitarist, songwriter, and producer, according to SF Gate.

He contributed to several of the group’s most well-known albums, including “Razamanaz” in 1973 and “Hair of the Dog” in 1975.

The band also performed “Love Hurts,” a popular song by the Everly Brothers, and it was successful, helping them reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Along with working with his own band, he also did legendary bands like Guns N’ Roses.

Frontman Axl Rose apparently wanted the person who produced “Hair of the Dog” to create his band’s debut record, according to the publication.

At the Sound City facility in Los Angeles, California, the band recorded approximately 25 songs in collaboration with Charlton.

All of the songs were “bootlegged,” but some of them ended up as bonus tracks or B-side releases.

Later, Charlton left the project because of obligations to his former band.

Mike Clink served as the album’s official producer, and it was a worldwide commercial success after selling millions of copies.

Early years were spent in Spain by Manny Charlton, although his family then relocated to Dunfermline, Scotland.

The guitarist spent the 1960s performing for various local bands while he pursued his love, but he eventually joined the group Shadettes, which was renamed Nazareth in 1968.

Pete Agnew, Jimmy Murrison, Lee Agnew, and Carl Sentance are the current members. Darrell Sweet, Zal Cleminson, Billy Rankin, Ronnie Leahy, and many others were former bandmates of theirs.

The ensemble was successful in its early years because the public liked its distinctive sound.

Dan McCafferty’s “sandpaper vocals” complemented Charlton’s guitar playing, which was mostly linked to blues.

Nazareth released 17 studio albums during the course of their career, which spanned the 1970s and 1980s.

Manny Charlton’s Solo Career

Say The Word was released by Charlton in 2004 on the Scottish record company River Records. The year 2005 saw the publication of Sharp, a mostly cover album that featured songs by Bob Dylan and Tim Hardin, as well as “Shelter from the Storm” by Tim Hardin. Sharp Re-Loaded, Charlton’s sequel to Sharp, was finished later that same year.

Early in 2006, Charlton became a member of the Swedish rock group From Behind. The group issued its debut album, Game Over, and went on tour in support of it around Europe before breaking up in late 2007. In his subsequent solo album Americana Deluxe, Charlton covered songs by Fleetwood Mac, including “Tusk.”

Hellacious, which Gary Bryant and Charlton co-produced, was released in March 2013. (GB Records). Créme De La Créme, an album honouring the “Best Of” Manny Charlton’s solo career, was published by Atom Records in 2018.

Tribute to Manny Charlton’s Death

Aggression said,

R.I.P. Manny Charlton (Nazareth). Thank you for the friendship and collaboration you had with Sasquatch throughout the years, a mentor, a friend and down to earth as fuck. In Manny We Trust – No Mean City!!!!!!

J said,

RIP Manny Charlton, guitarist for Nazareth. He also produced Guns N’ Roses Sound City Sessions, recorded in June 1986. These demos were officially released in 2018 and included the Piano Version and Acoustic Version of November Rain.

Yansen Arnaldo said,

Manny Charlton, founding guitarist of the Scottish band Nazareth, died this Wednesday (06) at the age of 80. The news was confirmed in the late afternoon in a message to the Classic Rock website by the group’s bassist Pete Agnew.

Arielcabrera said,

Today My Dad found out NAZARETH Guitarist MANNY CHARLTON Died yesterday. Dad got a call from an family friend telling dad Manny Charlton died and he didn’t believe it. Dad and Manny been friends for lord know how long I even got to meat him #Nazareth #MANNYCHARLTON


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