Vinny Vega aka Vincent Vega death: NYC dancer and model passed away in his sleep

Vinny Vega aka Vincent Vega
Vinny Vega aka Vincent Vega passed away


Vinny Vega aka Vincent Vega, a famous NYC model has passed away. Let’s see how did Vinny die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Vinny Vega die?

Vinny Vega, a NYC dancer and model passed away suddenly, in his sleep on last week. This sad news was announced by MarkyMark & Lissa on Vinny Vega‘s Facebook page.

The statement reads,

Friends, it is with heavy hearts that we share this announcement: Our beloved Vinny Vega passed away in his sleep sometime last week. He did not appear to be in distress, and the cause of death is yet unknown, though it seemed to have involved an enlarged heart.

We would like to ask that you remember him with kindness that reflects the beautiful soul that he was.

We have created a GoFundMe campaign to assist with his memorial and final expenses. We welcome your contribution so that Vinny may be well taken care of, and for a gift to the Trevor Project to be made in his memory.

In the words of his icon, Madonna:

“And I’ll remember,The love that you gave me, Madonna said.

Now that I’m standing on my own. I’ll rememberThe way that you changed me

I’ll remember” We’ll be remembering you always, VinnyV, she added.

Who was Vinny Vega?

Vinny Vega also known as Vincent Vega was a singer and model from New York. He was also an actor and photographer. He was a Freelance NYC GoGo/ Promotions/ Host & Freelance Photographer.

Vinny was remembered as a kind man with cheerful personality. Vega was both an iconic figure and a rising star. He was loved by his coworkers and friends everywhere.

Vinny’s large heart was evident in his lovely smile and brilliant eyes. Without giving it a second thought, he would assist total strangers with his whole heart. Vinny sees all things bright, crazy, and colourful. He lived bravely and with great affection.

Vinny embodied joy in every way, from his bear hugs and wide smiles to his contagious laughter. He was seen more on nightclub and circuit party scenes.

Vinny Vega cause of death:

Vinny Vega died in his sleep last week. Kevin Aviance reported that he was missing since May 12 and it was now confirmed that he was passed away. His sudden demise shocked everyone who knew him.

Fans are curious about the cause of his death; many believe that he committed suicide. Vinny Vega was remembered as an enthusiastic, imaginative, artistic, and highly fashionable individual.

Vinny attempted suicide and had underwent Cognitive therapy before. So, rumors are spreading as he had committed suicide. However, his official cause of death was still not known.

A Memorial Celebration of Vinny is scheduled on Saturday, June 11th at Rebar from 2 to 5. Our thoughts with his family and friends during this sad time.

If anyone close with Vinny has this info, please contact a local police precinct or 911 with it. If you do not wish to do this yourself for whatever reason that info, please contact us with the info and we will reach out.

Share your tributes to Vinny in the comment box seen below. Tributes flooded social media after the demise news of Vega broke out.

Tributes to Vinny Vega:

Brandon Ballone posted,

I’m going to miss you baby !!!!
You were one of my first friends in nightlife !!!
Rip boo. Vinny Vega

Richard Schieffer posted,

Vinny Vega — I’ve known you since we were children in nightlife. You were a beautiful soul & a talented artist. You were sensitive & you always showed me love, kindness, respect, & you saw my queerness & lifted it up & always stood by me. Vega showed up for me when I was in a ward for attempting my own life. You were real, true, & it pains me & our entire community that you’re gone.

Dan Gershaw posted,

Still very much in shock. Vinny was always an incredibly bright light and will be dearly missed. Always ready with a smile, a joke, a huge hug and a compliment. Til we meet again

Alex Lickit posted,

Damn it. This hurts a lot. Vinny u were such a sweet soul. Im so sorry baby. I will forever love u. Rest in forever love. May the higher power hold u tight for all of us.

Mike Jf Cote posted,

Vinny Your last word to me meant the world to me. Your extraordinary talent will forever reside in numerous hearts. You were a radiant presence of NYC , an ethereal being who graced the night. Your impact on NYC is indelible. Your absence will always be felt, but I hope your memory awakens many and serves as an inspiration to countless others. I’m sorry I wasn’t there.


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