How did the Five lions escape exhibit in Taronga Zoo? Explained


How did the Five lions escape exhibit in Taronga Zoo? Explained

During an emergency, five lions at a zoo in Australia managed to escape from their enclosure. The lions were housed in an exhibit at the Sydney zoo. Here is a detailed look at how the five lions escape exhibit in the Taronga Zoo

How did the Five lions escape?

One parent and four cubs were seen outside their enclosure on Wednesday at 6:30 local time at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo (22:30 GMT Tuesday).

A spokesman added that after the zoo was placed on lockdown and one cub had to be tranquilized, all of the lions had been secured in a matter of minutes. Nobody was hurt.

The reason for the escape is yet unknown.

However, Simon Duffy, the executive director of the zoo, called it a “serious occurrence” that would be looked into. According to him, the lions entered a little area “next” to their display, which was only a hundred meters away from where visitors were spending the night at the zoo. At the time, the main zoo was closed.

He claimed that the lions “never left that [near] region or Taronga Zoo.” Mr. Duffy stated that a perimeter fence encircled the entire zoo and that a six-foot fence, typically intended to keep people at a safe distance, secured the small area. A keeper raised the alarm within 10 minutes of the escape, according to CCTV evidence, the zoo claimed.

According to Mr. Duffy, staff moved everyone on the premises swiftly to secure areas. “Calmly made their way back” to their enclosure, four of the lions did. Up until more checks to ensure that it is “100% safe,” the lion exhibit will remain closed, Mr. Duffy added. Rarely do animals escape from Australian zoos. A lioness at Mogo Zoo, south of Sydney, escaped its enclosure in 2009, and because of the threat it posed to the general people, it had to be put down by gunfire.


Duffy said that CCTV footage proved the lions had spent the night in their display.

All five of the lions were kept in their “night dens,” a portion of their enclosure. That was not visible to the public after the incident and the zoo started an inquiry into how they managed to escape.

The lions never left Taronga Zoo or that [separate] enclosure, according to Duffy.

“We must be ready, and I’m so proud of our staff and visitors who all reacted appropriately to achieve a successful end.

Taronga Zoo executive director Simon Duffy’s explanation

The zoo’s personnel is fully trained in emergency response, and we have a variety of emergency response plans. There were no reported injuries because everyone present was relocated to safe areas during the incident. We don’t know exactly how or why [the escape] happened.

That will be a big part of our incident response and the review that will be done right away, too. Duffy stated that the zoo would examine the exhibit in its entirety to make sure it is “100% safe” in addition to reviewing the incident. He said it wouldn’t happen before the lions entered the show area. Following the initial reports of the animals roaming free, police were sent to the Mosman Zoo. Just before 9 am, the zoo reported that the lions had returned to their enclosure. On Wednesday morning, Nine’s helicopter captured an aerial view of the zoo that revealed numerous police officers present.

Officers were on the scene out of an abundance of caution, according to an NSW Police spokeswoman. As usual, the zoo will be open today, according to a statement from Taronga Zoo.

More information will be sent as soon as it is possible.

Karen Webb, the NSW Police Commissioner Explanation

According to Karen Webb, the NSW Police Commissioner, the zoo handled the situation on its own.

I’ve never had to think about that. We don’t get calls for lions running wild very often, but police are called for all kinds of stuff, so it’s evident that the zoo thought to call and that we reacted.

Since the lions were kept in the zoo, she explained, “we didn’t have to consider those options, but we would undoubtedly have to deal with what we were confronted with.”

Police will collaborate closely with the zoo, according to Police Minister Paul Toole.

We frequently work with animals, some of which have four legs and others that only have two. 

We will undoubtedly engage closely with Taronga Zoo on this occurrence. 

I’ll wait to see whether anything significant emerges from the review regarding what they discover, but rest certain that the police will look into anything that warrants it.


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