How did State Police K-9 dog die? Frankie Cause of death


How did State Police K-9 dog die? Frankie Cause of death

To capture the culprit, 38-year-old Matthew Mack, K9 Frankie, a 10-year-old Belgian Malinois, was killed on Tuesday. Let’s see what happened to the dog, and its cause of death in detail.

How did frankie die?

FITCHBURG – A Massachusetts State Police K9 named Frankie was shot and killed on Tuesday at a three-story multi-family house in Fitchburg during a standoff with a wanted criminal.

Frankie is the first canine member of the Massachusetts State Police to die while on duty.

Colonel Christopher Mason of the MSP said in a statement that was posted on Tuesday night, “I must inform you that a Massachusetts State Police K9 was murdered tonight while performing his duties.

During an attempt to capture a wanted fugitive who had barricaded himself inside a home, K9 Frankie was shot and killed.

Trooper David Stucenski, Frankie’s handler, was unharmed.”

Mason’s testimony states that around 9 AM on Tuesday, the MSP Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section was monitoring the multi-family residence at 40 Oliver St. in Fitchburg after receiving word that Matthew Mack, 38, of Fitchburg, was there.

On July 21 in Fitchburg, there was a shooting, and Mack was wanted on warrants for possession of a firearm and accessory after the fact. Mack was approached by the troopers but he resisted leaving the premises.
Police had cause to think Mack had a history of violence and was armed.

Around noon, the MSP Special Tactical Operations arrived on the scene and set up camp. Additionally arriving on the site, mediators from the MSP Crisis Negotiation Unit established phone contact with Mack.

To convince Mack to submit quietly, negotiators spoke with him and other family members numerous times.

Just before 3 o’clock, police saw Mack standing close to a home’s back exit. Trooper Stucenski and K9 Frankie, both members of the STOP Team, walked over to the back exit and caught Mack.

Frankie was hit by one of Mack’s many shots that were aimed toward team members.
The suspect then went back inside the house.

Frankie Cause of death.

Frankie was shot by one of Mack’s many shots that were aimed toward team members.

“During the attempt to arrest him, Mack fired multiple shots toward team members and hit Frankie,” Mason said. “The criminal then relapsed into the residence.”

Mason said that Frankie was shot in an area. Moreover, it would not have been protected by a tactical vest worn by some canines.

K9 Frankie was taken from the site to an ambulance by members of the STOP Team after being picked up.

K9 Frankie was transported to Westminster’s Wachusett Animal Hospital, where he was later declared dead.

A drone was placed on the exterior of the house by the State Police Drone Unit many hours later, just before 5:30 PM.

Mack was found dead inside the home from what seemed to be a self-inflicted gunshot, according to the drone.

Throughout the encounter, no police officers fired their firearms.

who was frankie? 

Frankie, a 10-year-old Belgian Malinois, spent around nine years as an MSP member.  Frankie was an MSP soldier who had received numerous awards.

Frankie’s Awards and Achievements.

At the 2017 George L. Hanna Awards for Bravery, the state’s premier law enforcement honors ceremony, he and Trooper Stucenski received the Medal of Valor.

They received recognition for catching a hit-and-run suspect who, while being chased on foot down a Springfield street by Trooper Stucenski and Frankie, turned and shot at them. The trooper was not hit, and  Frankie caught him.

For the same incident, Trooper Stucenski and Frankie received the State Police Medal of Merit.
The United States Police Canine Association gave Trooper Stucenski and Frankie three honors in 2014 for their work in law enforcement, agility, and evidence recovery.

The Special Tactical Operations Team members Trooper Stucenski, Frankie, and others were recognized in June 2022 for their role in capturing an armed child pornography suspect who had fired upon them as they attempted to arrest him in a West Springfield motel in 2019.

Nero’s Law, which was approved by the Legislature and signed by Governor Charlie Baker in 2021, made it possible for Frankie to receive emergency care when he was taken by Fitchburg EMS in an ambulance to an animal hospital this afternoon.

Tributes to Frankie.

Mass State Police tweeted,

Statement of Massachusetts State Police Colonel Christopher Mason on today’s K9 Line-of-Duty Death of MSP K9 Frankie:

State police tweeted,

Earlier today, Massachusetts State Police K-9 Frankie was shot in the line of duty during a mission with the STOP Team in Fitchburg. He was rushed to Wachusett Animal Hospital where he tragically died as a result of his injuries.

Cambridge Police tweeted,

We are deeply sorry for the loss of K-9 Frankie. Our condolences to Trooper Stucenski and the MSP family.

Rick tweeted,

From a law enforcement family here in Maryland (father, former police officer in Maryland; son current police officer in Maryland), the pain is felt here, too. We are so saddened by this. Thank you, K-9 Frankie for your service. It is not forgotten. May K-9 Frankie Rest In Peace.

Cheriezzel tweeted,

I am so very sorry and so sad that Frankie was killed in the line of duty. My heart goes out to his human partner. RIP Frankie and thank you for your dedicated service and companionship.💕🐾


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