How did Nicole Foltz die? A Florida mother fire pit accident, explained


How did Nicole Foltz die? A Florida mother fire pit accident, explained

Mother-of-five perishes in a terrible backyard fire pit mishap. Let’s see what happened to her and Florida mother fire pit accident in detail

What happened to Nicole Foltz?

In a horrible backyard fire pit accident that also put her 11-year-old son in the hospital, a Florida mother of five passed away from burns that covered over 100% of her body.

Last month, Nicole Foltz, 38, and her husband, Jeff, lit a fire in their Tarpon Springs house while they were visiting friends to ward off the pests.

When Jeff entered the room, Nicole allegedly attempted to rekindle the fire, but it eventually went out. He told Fox 13 News, “I had just come inside and to my knowledge, she chose to try to keep the fire going, keep the fun going, and she added another log but there wasn’t any flame at all.

But she simply sensed that if she poured a little gas on it, it would relight, and it did. Jeff speculated, “I suppose it must have traveled the gas stream up to the gas can and detonated in her hands. His terrified wife “really stopped, dropped, and rolled as you are supposed to,” he told. Despite her best efforts, she was engulfed in flames and had practically all of her body burned. Three days after the tragedy on November 14, she passed away.

Son Jeffrey, 11, suffered burns over about 40 percent of his body and spent 12 days in a hospital. Pictures: Facebook / Jeff Foltz

According to Foltz, Nicole is “all around one of the greatest, genuine people,” She exuded a fierceness. Everyone admired her. He exhorted everyone to learn about and put fire safety into practice. I’d rather not read about this happening to someone else’s family.

It’s unbelievable,” It’s just one of those foolish things that you don’t expect to see in your family, says the speaker. When it comes to a fire, gasoline is no laughing matter. You must exercise caution or simply refrain from doing it. He stated that the family would convert the fire pit into a bird bath in the backyard, as Nicole had always desired.



According to a GoFundMe account for the family, the unfortunate mother worked as a manager and server for the Tarpon Tavern for many years.

The sudden and tragic loss of Nicole Foltz devastated our community. The backyard firepit accident also severely injured Nicole’s son, Jeffrey. Please help us come together to support Nicole’s husband, Jeff, young Jeffrey, and her other four remaining children.

Nicole was loved so much because she truly loved life. Nicole worked as a server/manager at The Tarpon Tavern for many years. Her radiant smile always filled the room. She was always there for everyone – there for every relative, every friend, every customer, every coworker, every birthday, every anniversary, every day for everyone. We will miss Nicole, but our memories of her are eternal.

Please help the Foltz family with your generosity. All donations will assist the family with Nicole’s funeral costs, her hospital bills, young Jeffrey’s existing and ongoing hospital bills for skin graphs and long-term rehabilitation, childcare, and ongoing living expenses for the surviving family of six who are now without Nicole’s income.



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