How did Nadège Saint-Philippe die? Cause of Death Explained

How did Nadège Saint-Philippe die? Cause of Death Explained

Television presenter Nadège Saint-Philippe died overnight from Saturday to Sunday at the age of 47. Let’s see what happened to the Television presenter, How did she die and what was Nadège Saint-Philippe Cause of Death.


What happened to Nadège Saint-Philippe?

Host Nadine Alcindor, close to the St-Philippe family, confirmed the news to QMI Agency on Sunday morning.

“A real ray of sunshine, it will have marked our daily lives and our newsroom for more than fifteen years,” mentioned Xavier Brassard-Bedard, General Manager and Editor-in-Chief of TVA, when he learned of the sad news.

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How did Nadège Saint-Philippe die?

The one who had been a weather presenter for Groupe TVA since 2006 was first diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer in 2011.

“I knew because my body, sorry to say, was literally bleeding out. I didn’t want to know, maybe, but I said to myself “it will stop, everything will be fine, I am correct”. So I haven’t changed anything in my daily activities”, she mentioned in March 2021 on the show “Deux filles le matin”.

While Nadège St-Philippe continues her ascent in her career, she is however forced to slow down to fight against three cancers. She discussed the subject in the magazine La Semaine currently on newsstands.

“Last fall, just before the holidays, I had a polyp removed — a one-day procedure that allowed me to return to work the next day. I was relieved, I told myself that all that was behind me. Unfortunately, a few weeks after the procedure, my doctor told me that what he had removed was cancerous; all the analyzes confirmed it. So, despite the beautiful mandates that have been entrusted to me, for my health, I have no choice but to take a break from my professional life, ”she said.

She also spoke about her general state of health.

“I feel pretty good. I still lived for several months with a cancerous tumor without knowing it. When we met shortly before the holidays to do this beautiful report, I was sick and I didn’t even know it. I thought cancer was far behind me. I notified the TVA management people. They were wonderful and understanding. So I will have a lighter schedule for a while. I have an excellent team of oncologists, my husband, my family and my friends are by my side, so I am in good hands.”

Host Angelo Cadet reacted on social media to the news.

“My dear Nadège St-Philippe, you made us carry Hope as no one carried Faith, you knew how to federate in us the Army of Love for you with an unequaled Compassion; your Light springs today through our amazement… the pain is intense my friend. Your fight against disease will make you the Queen wearing a crown of Nobility and Great Dignity. May the Earth be light to you and may your spirit remain in the Shining Path so that we can celebrate your Life.


Nadège Saint-Philippe Cause of death

Nadège Saint-Philippe died on Sunday after a long battle with several cancers particularly, colorectal cancer. Additional information on her death is not made public. We will update the article once it is available.


Tributes are pouring to Nadège St-Philippe

The death of Nadège St-Philippe saddened the artistic and political circles and many turned to social networks to pay tribute to her.

“How sad. Condolences to the husband, family, and loved ones of Nadège. Certainly courage and a lot of love to get through the rest,” wrote the leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Dominique Anglade.

“This news saddens me deeply. Nadège was an extraordinary woman with whom I had the greatest pleasure to work. I offer my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones,” said Nathalie Roy, Minister of Culture and Communications.

“What sad news. This is a talented young woman who is leaving us far too soon. My thoughts are with Nadège’s family today. My deep and sincere condolences to all his loved ones” wrote for her part, Valérie Plante.

“I am saddened by the death of Nadège St-Philippe. A talented presenter, generous to her audience, and committed to the community, particularly in Montreal North, she will be missed. I offer my sincere condolences to his family, his colleagues, and his loved ones,” added the leader of the opposition in Montreal, Aref Salem.

“Nadège was a magnificent woman, full of empathy, life, and laughter. She never forgot where she came from, always ready to help young people in Montreal North. She leaves too quickly. Sympathies to family, friends, and colleagues,” shared local MP Paule Robitaille.

“We will miss you, Nadège! You were a ray of sunshine, a role model for many people, and a force for positivity. Today we are losing a friend, an ally, a person involved in her community, and an eloquent spokesperson for many of our Festivals,” said entrepreneur and actress Fabienne Colas.

“My friend. You were filled with life and light. Behind the sweetness of your smile was hiding the heart of a lioness. A strength, rooted in the pride of your origins. Your departure breaks my heart Nadège. All my thoughts to your husband, your family, and your community,” shared anchor and author Michel Jean.

“Nadège St-Philippe is no more. The disease got the better of her, but the memories I have with her, so few, will remain etched in my memory forever. What a beautiful human being, in every way. We’ll always love you!”, wrote host Josélito Michaud.

“Nad Chérie, you will have been courageous and luminous throughout your fight. Rest in power sis”, shared Varda Étienne in an Instagram “story”.

“Goodbye beautiful Nadège”, simply written on Twitter by the journalist Yves Poirier.

“Dazzling beauty, luminous, gentle, immensely kind, Nadège had this gift to illuminate every room she went through. An exceptional human being who will make the sun envy her brilliance and light. If there were more Nadège, the world would be so much better,” commented TVA Sports journalist Justine Saint-Martin.

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