How did Mike Gaffney die? Hockey Coach and Hall of Famer cause of death Explained

How did Mike Gaffney die? Hockey Coach and Hall of Famer cause of death Explained

Hockey Coach and Hall of Famer, Mike Gaffney passed away on 17th March. Let’s see more details about Mike Gaffney and his cause of death in detail.

What happened to Mike Gaffney?

As of this morning, members of the hockey community in Rhode Island are in a state of sorrow due to the passing of a good person, and this condition of affairs has been ongoing since yesterday. This state of affairs is the result of the passing of a decent person. 

RI Hockey Hall of Fame shared the news about the death of Mike on Facebook saying,

The RI hockey community mourns the passing of a good man this morning. Mike Gaffney was a good son, husband, father, friend, teammate, teacher, and coach. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him and learned from him. Our sincere condolences to his wife, Debbie, and his loving family, friends, and former players.

How did Mike Gaffney die? Hockey Coach and Hall of Famer cause of death Explained

Cause of death

Michael Gaffney reportedly passed away unexpectedly. On March 17, 2023, Michael Gaffney passed away from unknown causes. Hockey fans are in mourning over the passing of Mike Gaffney, an icon in the sport. He was greatly admired by a great many people all around the world as someone who gave them inspiration and bravery. He managed to make everyone in the room have a great time and enjoys themselves greatly due to the fact that he was both charming and gorgeous.

Tom Eccleston expressed his condolence by saying,

One of my dad’s dear friends and the most influential Coach I ever had outside of my father. As honorable a human as you get. Very sorry to hear about this. Many great memories of the Eccleston’s and Gaffney’s pond skating together.

About Mike Gaffney -a Quick Biography

Mike Gaffney lived in the Warwick neighborhood of Rhode Island. Over his 40-plus-year high school coaching career, Mike coached at all three Warwick high schools – Warwick Vets, Pilgrim, and Toll Gate. In all facets of his life, including as a son, husband, parent, friend, and teammate, as well as an educator and coach, he was an exceptional human being. He was a member of the RI Hockey Hall of Fame.

According to reports, Mike was a skilled field hockey and ice hockey coach. He was a remarkable man with the kindest, most beautiful heart you could ever hope to find in a person. In addition to his roles as an educator and coach, Mike Gaffney was a remarkable example of this throughout his whole life. Mike Gaffney exemplified, in every facet of his life, what it means to be an exceptional example of what it means to be a good human being. In every aspect of his life, he was a remarkable example of what it meant to be a morally upstanding member of society.

His life was a model for others to follow. Everyone who had the good fortune to know him and get insight from him before he passed away would be asked to attend the funeral and pay their respects to him there. Those who were able to do so will receive an invitation to do so.

Hockey Coach and Hall of Famer, Mike Gaffney passed away on 17th March. Let's see more details about Mike Gaffney and his cause of death in detail.
Mike Gaffney- Ice Hockey Team

Mike’s Career Journey

Mike always believed deeply that public high schools could compete with private schools. He guided Toll Gate to the finals against Mount St. Charles in 1996 and 1997. During his tenure, the Toll Gate team won the prestigious Journal Bulletin Invitational Hockey Tournament over the best teams in and around New England. It was a major accomplishment for a public high school in Rhode Island. And come playoff time, no one wanted to play Toll Gate as Gaffney-coached teams were never an easy out.

Mike ended his career as the head coach at La Salle Academy after guiding the Rams to their first state championship in 38 years in 2015. Ted Quigley, the Athletic Director at La Salle Academy, wrote in a press release announcing Mike’s retirement that in typical “Mike Gaffney” fashion, he said nothing about his retirement at the team’s final get-together, the state championship dinner. Instead, he quietly said to Quigley as they were walking out the door, “Now I am officially retired.” Never one to seek the spotlight, he did not want to overshadow the team’s special evening and accomplishments. His modesty and humility were center stage as always!

Whether teaching or coaching, Mike was always “all business”. When the Zamboni doors closed, players knew they were going to be pushed every second they were on the ice. Coach Gaffney believed in his core that “effort” was a skill – the ultimate skill.

Mike Gaffney is simply referred to as “Coach”

Throughout his high school coaching career, there were times when he faced teams with more hockey skills. But rarely, if ever, did he face opponents who worked harder than his players or were more disciplined than his teams. It is the trademark of a Gaffney-coached hockey team. Even today, you can still see Coach Gaffney’s fingerprints on the teams that his former players coached. These teams exude grit, confidence, and a blue-collar attitude that make them very, very difficult to play against.

In talking with former players, Mike Gaffney is simply referred to as “Coach” and he would not want it any other way. In his eyes, it is the epitome of endearment and respect. John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach, and 10-time NCAA champion wrote an autobiography entitled They Call Me Coach. The greats are always just “Coaches”. When players look back on playing for Coach, the first words they use to describe him are intense, fiery, and intimidating.

Social Media Condolence

Brenda Goddard Posted

My condolences to the Gaffney family. I was lucky to work with Mike at TG. Not only was he a true gentleman, who above all loved his family, but he was also one of the best storytellers that I’ve ever heard. Mike had a story for every topic. Rest in peace, my friend.

JoAnn Mallozzi Posted

I’m so brokenhearted to read this. Mike was the guidance counselor to both of my children in high school.  They always felt he had their best interest at heart and had the utmost respect for him. He was a teacher and a gentleman. Sincere condolences on behalf of my family to his family and loved ones. RIP Mike.

Debbie O’Neill Posted

So sad to hear of Coach. Gaffney’s passing. He was my boys’ guidance counselor and always had their best interests at heart. He was coach to my son at Tollgate and I will never forget him showing up at the emergency room the night he was hurt in a game or calling me to make sure he arrived home safely after a Friday night game…he was the best …thoughts and prayers to his family during this difficult time ….The Johnsons.

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