How did Lorena Goodger die? Lauren Goodger’s daughter Cause of Death

How did Lorena Goodger die? Lauren Goodger's daughter Cause of Death

Just two days after giving birth, Lauren Goodger confirmed the death of her newborn baby girl. Let’s see what happened, how did Lorena Goodger die and what was her cause of death.


What happened to Lorena Goodger?

In an Instagram post on Sunday morning, the former TOWIE cast member revealed the tragic news, revealing that the kid, Lorena, was delivered ‘without complications’ before she passed away.

“Lorena. 08.07.22,” she wrote. Like her sister, she was the most gorgeous, healthy baby I’ve ever seen. Words cannot express the pain of losing your child, which you carried properly for nine months and gave birth to before losing your angel.

She was wonderful and healthy, and there were no issues with her pregnancy or labour. I won’t go into detail at this time; just know that she and I were both perfect. I don’t get it since she is such a stunning twin to Larose.

“I am shattered. I have returned from the hospital. I haven’t said goodbye yet, but Charlie and I spent a lot of time with our baby girl Lorena. Could you kindly ask photographers to respect our privacy at this time? We have a lot of funeral planning and grieving to do, and I just need this time. My baby girl Larose is my rock, and without her, I wouldn’t be able to get through this.

I will never be able to move on from this, but I will learn to live each day knowing that Lorena is always with me and that I will see her again someday. I love you so much, Lorena.


Who is Lauren Goodger?

English television personality, model, writer, and media personality Lauren Rose Goodger was born on September 19, 1986. From 2010 to 2012, she appeared in six seasons of the ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex, making her debut in the first.


How did Lorena Goodger die?

Lauren Goodger is mourning the loss of her ex-boyfriend Jake McClean, who passed away in a vehicle accident in Turkey last xx.

In January, Lauren made the announcement that she was expecting her second child, only days after it was made public that she had expelled Charles from the house after learning of his affair with another woman.

According to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity to MailOnline, Charles slept with Amy Gilbert, 24, during their brief break in November and was aware that Lauren was carrying their second child.


Lorena Goodger Cause of death

So far now Lorena Goodger Cause of death is not yet revealed. In Lauren Goodger statement she said, She was wonderful and healthy, and there were no issues with her pregnancy or labour. This only reveals she died of some acute illness or detoriating health from a subclinical condition.

Let’s respect their feelings and wait for them to announce the kids cause of death. We will update the cause once it was made public.


Lauren Goodger interview with OK! magazine

When discussing her pregnancy with OK! magazine, Lauren said that her former were considering whether to keep the child.

Charlie was really happy that we weren’t more careful, but to be completely honest, I wasn’t sure. I said, “I’m just pulling myself back together; I’m starting over.” Is that right? You experience true mother guilt, she added.

Many things crossed Lauren’s thoughts, which is why she waited a little while longer to make the announcement. The baby is something I truly desire, Charlie said. I said, “So do I.” I decided to move forward with it, and I’m so glad I did. ‘

You’re not having a termination – I want this family, he said when we took that little gap [in November]. I was afraid even though I knew in my heart that I would move forward with it. I must also consider Larose.

Eight weeks after giving birth to Larose, Lauren said she found out she was expecting. She said, “I hadn’t had a period for quite a few weeks, my nipples were hurting me and while I was breastfeeding the pain was terrible. I bet you I’m pregnant, I thought. After my test, it came back positive.


Lauren and Charles Relationship

Only a few months after the birth of their daughter, Lauren and Charles divorced in November of last year. However, they reunited three weeks later. They later separated up once more in January before reuniting in April.

Lauren reported that her on-off boyfriend had “loads of good sex” to win her back and that their bond was now “stronger than ever,” especially in bed.

According to Charles, being apart from Lauren made him realise how much he was missing her, and going to therapy helped him transition from being a “boy to a man.”

When Lauren teased that she was seeing a mysterious man in October 2020—who would later be revealed to be Charles—the couple’s quick relationship initially surfaced.

Three months after making their relationship known to the world, they made the announcement that they were expecting their first child together.

When their daughter was unwell and had to be sent to the hospital last year with probable sepsis, the reality star’s marriage was also put to the test.


Tributes to Lorena Goodger

Kelly Louise said,

Feel gutted for Lauren Goodger her baby died after 2 days and just last week her ex boyfriend died in a car accident . Thoughts with her x

Manc sell said,

I don’t want to see a single photograph or story about Lauren Goodger. She has just lost her angel and has requested for time and peace to grieve and plan her baby’s funeral. Media outlets (I’m looking at you) please be decent for once

Jodie said,

Im not a Lauren Goodger fan by any means but the poor woman was hounded at the end of her pregnancy while the media made her a focal point of her ex’s death only to lose her new born a week later. It’s sickening.

Amy Childs said: “Sending you love Lauren ❤️ xxxx.”

Towie’s Danielle Armstrong posted: “Oh darling heartbroken 💔 for you sending you strength and love and hope your get the respect and privacy you need to grieve 🤍 xxxx.”

Lauryn Goodman wrote: “Devastated for you and the family. Can’t even begin to imagine. Stay strong ❤️❤️ Love you so much ❤️.”

Charlotte Crosby told her: “Lauren f*****g hell I’m devastated 😭😭😭.”



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