How did Lloyd Vincent Olmoguez Sasil die? Director of university of Cebu cause of death and obituary

Lloyd Vincent Olmoguez Sasil
Lloyd Vincent Olmoguez Sasil


Lloyd Vincent Olmoguez Sasil, Director of the National Service Training Program (NSTP) at the University of Cebu-Main (UC-Main) passed away. Let’s see how did Dr. Lloyd Vincent Sasil die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Dr. Lloyd Vincent Olmoguez Sasil die?

Lloyd Vincent O Sasil passed away on March 2, 2023. His death news was confirmed by his students on the social media platform.

He was an NSTP Director at the University of Cebu, a Professor at the University of Cebu, and a Teacher at the University of Cebu.

Crystyl Bayarcal posted this sad news saying, “I love you and you know that” “Maka proud” “Laban gyud” – Sir Lloydie

Thank you for being a mentor, and a friend throughout the years that I’ve known you. I will always appreciate your random “kumusta?” and saying “laban ra gyud”.

Rest in paradise, Sir Lloydie.

We love you always Sir Lloyd Vincent Olmoguez Sasil, you know that.

Lloyd Vincent Olmoguez Sasil cause of death:

Lloyd Vincent O Sasil, the Professor of Language and Literature from the University of Cebu, died at 2 p.m. on Thursday, due to a brain aneurysm. His sudden death shocked everyone who knew him.

His students were shocked by his sudden demise. Charlene Getubig Ababa posted,

Sir Lloyd Vincent Olmoguez Sasil SIR YOU LEAVE US TOO SOON. I didn’t expect that yesterday will be our last meeting, I didn’t expect that behind your smiles you also struggle yourself, smile because yesterday we sang flat happy birthday, we bought tickets together and most of all our stress disappeared every time you enter your class. You can share a lot about our struggle in other subs and you are there to cheer us up… MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE SIR LLOYDIEEE YOU ARE ALSO SPECIAL TO US”.

Tributes to Lloyd Vincent O. Sasil:

Nianne Rose Guardiario posted,

Just too soon. Really. RIP

Shaira Kaye Alasagas posted,

I can’t accept it, it hurts so much even though I’m just a student but it hurts. RIP


Dr. Lloyd Vincent O. Sasil, University of Cebu–Main (UC–Main) National Service Training Program (NSTP) Director, was declared dead due to brain aneurysm on March 2, 2023 at 2 p.m. We extend our deepest condolences to the demised family and relatives.

Nicholas Romanov posted,

Rest in peace Sir Lloydie

Mary Angel Mercader posted,

Rest in peace Sir Lloyd.


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