How did Linda Gurney die? Pianist & Clarinetist cause of death Explained

Linda Gurney
Musician Linda Gurney passed away


Musician Linda Gurney (nee Seiferth) passed away peacefully on Thursday, May 4, 2023. Let’s see how did the musician die and her cause of death in detail.

How did Linda Gurney die?

Freelance pianist and clarinetist, Linda Gurney passed away on May 4, 2023. This sad news was announced by her children on social media in the following statement.

Olivia, Chris, & Andrew posted her death news by saying, “On Thursday, May 4th, our dear mother, Linda Gurney, passed away peacefully in her sleep. We appreciate the incredible outpouring of love, support, sweet memories, thoughts, and prayers more than we can say. We will provide updates as arrangements for a memorial service are made.”

Her another daughter Andrew Gurney posted about her mother’s death saying,

“Hi everyone. It is really tough to write this but my mom Linda Gurney passed away peacefully yesterday, May 4th. It still doesn’t make sense that I’m making a post like this. My mom was the kindest woman, and she built meaningful relationships with so many people, not only through her amazing musical talent but through many other interests and passions she had.”

“I am so grateful for her and to have had such an incredible mother. We were so close and what we experienced through the loss of my dad long ago made our bond that much stronger. Every visit and talk we had carried so much weight, but was also full of so many laughs. I could say so much more. I love her so much.”

“My siblings, Chris, Olivia, and I are still working on getting things together, so as of now the arrangements aren’t set, but I will post more about that and that information will be made available as soon as it can be.”

Who was Linda Gurney?

Linda Gurney was a famous pianist and clarinetist. She was a well-known musician in St. Louis and a graduate of Washington University.

Linda was a beloved spouse of the late Edward William Gurney. She was the late Edward and Mara (née Salcedo) Seiferth’s dear daughter. Gurney was a loving mother of Andrew Gurney, Olivia (Thomas) Fischer, and Christopher (Chelsea) Sell. 

Linda was a music educator, musician, and big band leader. She was a supporter of Dave Dickey Big Band. She was a guest director twice at two different St Louis Low Brass Collective concerts.

Linda Gurney cause of death:

Linda Gurney, passed away peacefully in her sleep, according to her Children. Musicians Association of St Louis also announced this sad news, saying,

We regret to inform our membership that member Linda Gurney (Seiferth) passed away on 5/4/23. She was a member of SLSOYO and went on their first European tour in 1976. She was the co-principal clarinetist.

Linda continued her music career on clarinet and on piano playing great jazz. She was dedicated to her family, her music, and helping others, and loved the Cardinals.

Linda will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Our thoughts are with her family. We will try to post when we know the arrangements.

Tributes to Linda Gurney:

Kevin Gianino posted,

Sad for the sudden passing of a friend of many, many years; Linda Gurney. Always there to help out, always supporting the music community and programs in the area, clarinetist, pianist, arranger, and on and on. Words are failing at the moment. RIP.

Dave Dickey posted,

I just lost another dear friend. Rest in peace. Linda was a wonderful person with a big heart. I was blessed to call her a friend.

We will miss you, Linda! Prayers for all the Gurney family, Kevin, and all her close friends.

Connie Stiles-Daisley posted,

My Aunt Linda passed away today, I’m sure Uncle Gurney was waiting for you to go camping.

Jerry Cerchia commented,

So sorry to hear this. I remember her from the CASA concert band we played in, that Dan Presgrave conducted back in the day. A really nice person…..

Eric Stiller commented,

I’m so sorry for your loss, Kevin. Linda was a really special person. I’m so sad to hear of her passing.


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