How did Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici die? Former Prime Minister of Malta cause of death Explained


How did Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici die? Former Prime Minister of Malta cause of death Explained

The traumatic 1980s ruined Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici’s premiership, and he passed away at the age of 89. Check out his Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici cause of death, and how he passed away.

How did Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici die?

Dom Mintoff, a socialist eminence figure who gave Labour its first premiership in 1984, has died. The late Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici served as Malta’s prime minister from 1984 until 1987.

He was 89. After Dom Mintoff left office, he presided over one of Malta’s most volatile eras in history. He oversaw divisive educational changes that gave rise to the iconic Church school demonstrations and boycotts.

Mifsud Bonnici, who was born and reared in Cospicua, presided as prime minister from December 1984 to May 1987 after Dom Mintoff was named as his successor. The Labour Party paid respects to its late leader and declared that he would be remembered for his firm belief in social democratic ideals. It sent its sympathies to his family.

According to Robert Abela, the world has lost a gentleman who was constantly mindful of the oppressed. Abela remarked, “He loved his country as he loved labor. He will serve as an inspiration to many.

Mifsud Bonnici will be regarded as a divisive prime minister who was installed without running in a general election and chosen for the position by his predecessor. Mifsud Bonnici, often known as Karmenu or KMB, had a tumultuous public career that saw him oppose Mintoff in his conflict with the Church in the 1960s before joining Mintoff’s side in a further Church-State conflict in the 1980s and ultimately succeeding Mintoff in 1984.

Mifsud Bonnici cause of death

Given his age and other factors, Mifsud Bonnici is believed to have died naturally. Neither online reports nor his family members revealed any cause of death till now Her precise condition or present state of health is unclear.

August 2022– According to Prime Minister Robert Abela, the condition of former Prime Minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici has improved to the point where he is about to be released from the hospital.

On Sunday, August 21, Mifsud Bonnici was hospitalized at Mater Dei Hospital. He briefly experienced acute illness until his health stabilized.

Mifsud Bonnici’s condition had improved to the point where the prime minister, Abela, had spoken to him and was pleased to learn that he would soon be released from the hospital, according to his statement on Wednesday.

To get their opinions on the incident, Medico Topics has reached out to the victim’s family and other close friends. No responses have been given thus far. We’ll update this page once there is sufficient information. We’ll shortly release more details about Mifsud Bonnici cause of death.

Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici: Biography

Maltese politician Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, KUOM (17 July 1933 – 5 November 2022), was Malta’s prime minister from December 1984 to May 1987.

Karmenu, the son of Lorenzo Mifsud Bonnici and Catherine Buttigieg, was raised in a family with deep ties to the Nationalist Party.

His cousin, Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, was a Nationalist MP, Minister, and President of Malta, while his brother Antoine was a Nationalist MP and Parliamentary Secretary.

Karmenu has three brothers, two sisters, and one brother who is a Nationalist member of parliament (Antoine) and a former archpriest. At the University of Malta, Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici earned a law degree in 1954 after completing his studies at the Lyceum.

In 1967–68, he also went on to study tax law and labor law at the University College of London. Since then, he has taught industrial and fiscal law at the University of Malta.

He served as an official of several lay organizations affiliated with the Church in the 1960s, during the height of the conflict between the Maltese Church and the Labour Party, including the Catholic Social Guild and the Young Christian Workers Movement (he also served as an editorial board member of their Il-Haddiem newspaper), and he supported the “diocesan junta” of Church organizations that opposed Dom Mintoff and his Party. Later, he would declare himself to be “a Labourite by free choice and conviction, but a Nationalist by birth.”

He accepted a position in 1969 as a local consultant for the General Workers’ Union of Malta, participating in the fight between the union and the Labour party against the Nationalist government’s proposed Industrial Relations Bill, which threatened to imprison strikers. Throughout the 1970s, he remained active with the Labour Party.

The political career of Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici

He presided over one of Malta’s most turbulent periods in history, taking over the reins of a divided country from Dom Mintoff, and seeing through controversial reforms in education that resulted in the infamous Church school protests and boycotts.

The radicalization of PN supporters at the time and the association of criminal elements with particular Labour ministers led to clashes with the forces of law loyal to the State, as well as violence visited upon PN supporters by Labour supporters. Mifsud Bonnici was unable to quell the violence.

Mifsud Bonnici was sworn in as Prime Minister on 22 December 1984, following the announcement of Dom Mintoff’s resignation on the same day in Parliament.

Mifsud Bonnici’s tenure as Prime Minister was seen as a continuation of the Dom Mintoff years. But the political violence of the 1980s was heightened under his premiership by the seeming lack of control over other Cabinet ministers who were associated with violent criminals.

After the 1987 election, which he narrowly lost, Mifsud Bonnici led Labour up until 1992, when following a second electoral defeat, he resigned, to be succeeded by Alfred Sant. He held his seat until the following election in 1996. Sant had credited Karmenu Mifsud with having engineered new openings in Maltese society for the MLP, which had by then become “too constricted within the comfort zone of its hardcore supporters.

Karmenu had managed to attract back towards Labour and its works, the goodwill of people in the literary/artistic community who over the 1970s were alienated by Prime Minister Mintoff’s confrontational way of doing politics.”

In 2002, Mifsud Bonnici led the eurosceptic organization Campaign for National Independence, campaigning against EU accession.

He also joined Dom Mintoff’s ‘Front Maltin Inqumu’ (Maltese Arise), to campaign against EU accession.

Condolences and tributes paid to Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici

Bauri tweeted,

Rest in peace May God have mercy on him, and make his place heaven

Denise tweeted,

May he rest in peace. A true gentleman

Ruban tweeted,

Sincere condolences Paula. I am sure that you will treasure a lot of beautiful memories of your uncle. You were always there for him. May he rest in peace. Mifsud Bonnici cause of death

Marlene said,

Condolences to you Paula and to all the family. May your uncle Rest In Peace

Agnes said,

Sincere condolences to you Paula and all your family . God grant him eternal life

Anty said,

May he rests in the Eternal Kingdom of the Lord and condolences to you Paula and family.


How did Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici die? Former Prime Minister of Malta cause of death Explained

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