How did Jim Carr die? Canadian Politician Cause of death Explained

How did Jim Carr die? Canadian Politician Cause of death Explained

Jim Carr, Manitoba MP and former Liberal cabinet minister passed away on Monday surrounded by his family and loved ones. He was 71 years old. Let’s See more details about Carr and his cause of death.

Jim Carr’s Career Journey

In 1988, Carr was chosen to serve a four-year term as a representative for Fort Rouge in Manitoba’s Legislative Assembly. In October 2015, he went on to win the election for Winnipeg South Centre as a Liberal Member of Parliament.

He held a variety of positions in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, including minister of natural resources, minister of international trade diversification, and special envoy to the Prairies.

In 2021, he was dismissed from Trudeau’s cabinet, and at the time, he expressed respect for the leader’s choice.

In a statement, his family claimed that he “fought for Winnipeggers, Manitobans, and Canadians right up until the very end of his incredible life.”

They pointed to Carr’s most recent success in the House of Commons – passing his private member’s bill on Dec. 8 focused on building a green prairie economy.

“As a dedicated elected official, business, and community leader in Manitoba for over 30 years, Jim was loved and respected by so many and we know he will be profoundly missed,” the statement from his family reads.

Carr is remembered as a gentleman’

His demise sparked an outpouring of condolence messages from his colleagues on both sides of the aisle and from throughout the nation.

The nation has lost a committed legislator, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Jim Carr had “second to none enthusiasm, tenacity, integrity, humor, and commitment to the Prairies — and we’ll miss him greatly,” the user wrote in a tweet.

Premier Heather Stefanson of Manitoba wrote on Twitter, “I always appreciated his unwavering devotion to the betterment of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Canada.”

Erin O’Toole, a former leader of the Conservative Party, praised Carr on Twitter, describing him as honorable and “extremely well respected on all sides.”

MP played oboe professionally

Carr had two prominent positions before stepping down after being diagnosed.

As minister of natural resources, he oversaw the government’s $4.5 billion purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline and first sat at the cabinet table.

In the summer of 2018, Carr was then assigned the responsibility for international trade. He was tasked with expanding Canada’s economic relationships outside of the US as the NAFTA discussions continued.

Jim Carr’s former chief of staff, Julian Ovens, claimed that organizations like the Ottawa team working on World Trade Organization reform could not have succeeded without his leadership. “He acted with dignity.

A wonderful coworker and unquestionably the best meeting or organization chair one could want for, “added he. “He was a significant figure in Winnipeg’s Jewish community. He was constantly looking for ways to promote world peace.

In Ottawa, Manitoba and the Prairies had always held a special place in his heart.” Prior to entering provincial politics, Carr worked as a professional oboist and journalist.

After receiving the Order of Manitoba, he went on to serve as president and CEO of the Business Council of Manitoba.

Liberal MP Marc Garneau, a former astronaut, tweeted what he called his “best memory” of Carr.

Jim Carr’s Cause of Death

The Liberal member of Parliament from Winnipeg and former cabinet minister died, his family announced Monday. He was 71

Jim Carr, who had represented Winnipeg South Centre since 2015, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma ,a type of blood cancer. It Happened the day after he was re-elected on Oct. 21, 2019. He also battled kidney failure.

Physically not great, but emotionally Solid

In one of his final interviews, Carr told CBC’s Power & Politics last week that while his health was failing. He was still grateful for another opportunity to contribute to the country he loved so much.

“Physically not great, but emotionally really, really solid and grateful for the chance to continue to contribute to my country,” he said with a smile.

“I love every square meter of this country in English, en Francais, in Indigenous languages . I wish I spoke more of them in the language of the newly arrived and all that represents to Canada and Canadians.”

Tributes Posted on Social Media

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted this his team lost a valued member, the country lost a dedicated Parliamentarian, and many people have lost a close friend.

“Jim Carr’s passion, tenacity, integrity, humor, and commitment to the Prairies were second to none – and we’ll miss him dearly,” he said.


Dougald Lamont, leader of Manitoba’s Liberal party, posted a tribute on Twitter Monday.

“He worked tirelessly for Manitoba until his last days,” Lamont said, passing along his condolences to Carr’s family. “A true loss.”


Manitoba’s Premier Heather Stefanson also shared her condolences on Twitter.

“Over the years Jim (and) I worked on many projects together,” Stefanson said. “I always admired his unfailing commitment to the betterment of Winnipeg, Manitoba (and) Canada.”

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