How did Jean Lapointe die? Actor and Canadian Cause of death Explained

How did Jean Lapointe die? Actor and Canadian Cause of death Explained

Jean Lapointe, the renowned Quebec singer, actor, and comedian who was later elected to the Senate passed away at the age of 86. Let’s see more about Jean Lapointe and his cause of death.

Jean Lapointe Cause of death

The Foundation Jean Lapointe said he passed away surrounded by family members and died from “health complications.” Lapointe struggled with alcoholism in the 1960s but managed to break free, and in 1982, he created a halfway house for people dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction, La Maison Jean Lapointe. Last month, the foundation and treatment center celebrated its 40th anniversary. Soon after, the Centre’s operations were supported by the Foundation Jean Lapointe.

Jean Lapointe is survived by his wife Mercédès, seven children (Marie-Josee, Maryse, Danielle, Michelle, Catherine, Jean-Marie, and Anne Elizabeth), two grandkids, and his sisters Huguette and Suzanne. He also leaves behind his wife.

Who is Jean Lapointe

Jean Lapointe was born on December 6, 1935, in a village in the Lower St-Lawrence region. He was known to generations of Quebecers as an entertainer whose talents extended to singing and stand-up comedy. He was also a social activist who campaigned against alcoholism and drug abuse through his Jean Lapointe Foundation. Lapointe received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Montreal-based Francophone SOCAN Awards in 2005.

Jean Lapointe’s Career

The famous performer began his solo career in 1974 and appeared in two full-length movies, albums, and performances on stage. The majority of his albums were created by Yves Lapierre. The role of Quebec premier Maurice Duplessis that Lapointe played in the television series of the same name may be what most people remember him for.

In 1984, Lapointe received the title of Officer of the Order of Canada. He was appointed to the Senate by Jean Chrétien in 2001, serving there as a Liberal until he was forced to resign at age 75. He was elevated to the rank of officer in the National Order of Quebec in 2006. Lapointe served on the Canada Post Stamp Advisory Committee in addition to being a life member of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

LaPointe’s Journey

He and Jérôme Lemay established the Jérolas in 1955. The well-known duo’s blend of music, humor, and impersonations earned them appearances on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1963 as well as at the illustrious Olympia in Paris. The Jérolas split up in 1974 as Lapointe and Lemay started their own solo careers.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Lapointe found solo success in both comedy and music, scoring successes including “Si on chantait ensemble,” “Chante-la ta chanson,” and “Tu jongles Avec mon vie.” He was the concert of the year winner of the 1981 Félix, a Quebec music award.

He was also a gifted actor and had a film career alongside his other exploits, beginning with “Yul 871” alongside Lemay in 1966. His role in the 2004 film “Le dernier tunnel” by Érik Canuel led to a Genie Award and a Jutra prize the same year.
He received a commemorative award in 2000 from the Les Olivier comedy awards event in Quebec. At the Just for Laughs event in 2005, which celebrated his 50th year in the industry, he received another homage.

Former Canadian leader Jean Chrétien appointed Lapointe to the Senate in 2001, where he served as a Liberal until his retirement at the age of 75 in 2010. Throughout his life, Lapointe received many honors, including induction into the Order of Canada in 1984 and appointment as a National Order of Quebec officer in 2006.

Heartfelt Memorials

After Lapointe passed away, a number of people from many walks of life have given heartfelt tributes in his honor. Several admirers expressed their condolences on Twitter as well.

“Our father always said that his greatest pride has always been Maison Jean Lapointe,” daughter Anne Elizabeth Lapointe, general manager of the treatment center, said in a statement. “His departure saddens us, but we know that he will remain the soul of our establishment.”

Losing our father is a terrible ordeal, but knowing that his artistic and humanist heritage will live on in the hearts of Quebecers is comforting for us,” his son Jean-Marie Lapointe said in the statement.

Mat Vaillancourt tweeted: “For those who don’t know him. Jean Lapointe (he was a federal senator at one point) was a widely respected actor/comedian in French Canada. But he was also someone who did incredible work with some charitable causes, like for helping people with drinking and drug problems.”

Pablo Rodriguez wrote: “As an artist, a Senator and through his social involvement, Jean Lapointe has left his mark on Quebec and all of Canada. He was an exceptional man whom I had the privilege of crossing paths with in Ottawa. Today, my thoughts are with his family.”


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