How did Isaiah Osugo die? Passed away at 67, Former kenya prisons boss cause of death revealed

Isaiah Osugo

Isaiah Osugo, a former prison commissioner, has passed away. Let’s see, how did the former Prison commissioner die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Isaiah Osugo die?

Isaiah Osugo died on January 9, 2023 at the Nairobi Hospital, where he had been confined for a week, according to his family.

Osugo, a professional police officer, assumed control of the jails in September 2008 when former President Mwai Kibaki removed him from the force.

When he reached the obligatory retirement age in 2019, he retired. Osugo is recognized for implementing significant reforms at the department of corrections.

Among other police positions, he has had before, he was the Provincial Criminal Investigations Officer in Nairobi.

Isaiah Osugo cause of death:

Isaiah Osugo cause of death was cancer. On Tuesday, January 10, Isaiah Osugo’s family announced that the former commissioner of prisons had died while seeking medical care in Nairobi.

Isaiah Osugo had been admitted at the Nairobi Hospital ICU for a week. The former prison chief has died at age 67 following a protracted fight with cancer, according to the family.

The former commissioner was admitted for cancer treatment, and while there, he spent more than a week in the intensive care unit (ICU) before passing suddenly.

Who was Isaiah Osugo?

Osugo is a career police officer who assumed control of the prison system in September 2008. He has over thirty years of managerial experience working in Kenya’s criminal justice system.

Between September 2008 and his retirement from the military in 2019 as Commissioner of Prisons, Osugo is renowned for his transformational leadership.

He was praised for leading improvements in the Kenya Prisons Service while working as a career police officer.

Osugo is a holder of the orders, order of the chief of the burning spear (CBS) and the order of the Golden warrior of Kenya(OGW). He was awarded the champion of African Correctional Services in 2008.

Tributes to Isaiah Osugo:

Ogaro Ogaro tweeted,

Former Commissioner General Prisons Isaiah Osugo is Dead! They will now mourn him after all they did to him while in office. Rest in Peace General!

Fred Obachi Machoka OGW tweeted,

Sad to learn of the passing on of my good friend Isaiah Osugo former CID and Prisons Commissioner. My sincere condolences to the family. Rest in peace my brother.

Magena_town_trending posted,

We are mourning the demise of Former prisoner Isaiah Osugo and Veronica nyabuto after long battle with sickness.

Abuga Joshy posted,

It’s not easy to lose a legend like you, the whole country is mourning and the family right now, you played every at your level best grand daddy rest in peace commissioner Osugo

Hon. Chris Obure EGH posted,

The passing on of retired Commissioner General Osugo is a big shock to all who knew him and a massive and irrecoverable loss to this country.

Commissioner Osugo was a career soldier who defied all odds to rise to the pinnacle of his profession. He leaves behind a record of exemplary public service for which he will be forever remembered.

I convey my personal condolences to the family of our departed hero.
Chris Obure EGH


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