Jacquline Nunez shot killed: What happened? Why did her bf kill her? Explained


 Jacquline Nunez shot killed: What happened? Why did her bf kill her? Explained

A 16-year-old girl named Jacquline Nunez was shot and killed in Piute County, leaving her family inconsolable. Let’s learn more about what happened to Jacquline and Why did her BF kill her in detail.

What happened to Jacquline Nunez?

The loss of a daughter and sister in a tragic shooting has left the family in unspeakable agony. They believed Jacquline Nunez, 16, was full of life and promise before she was fatally slain on Sunday night.

Sister of Jacqueline Nunez Mayuni remarked, “We need people to be praying for our family during this time. She is pleading for prayers as her family struggles to cope with a terrible loss.

“This is beyond our comprehension. Never. I would never, ever have imagined hearing something like this, Mayuni said. Jacqueline was reportedly found shot to death late last night close to a gravel road in Piute County, just north of Circleville.

Why did her boyfriend kill Nunez?

Her 17-year-old boyfriend was the culprit, who police later located and detained around midnight last night near Salina, roughly 70 miles north of Circleville.

The youngster showed no signs of violence against Mayuni’s sister, she said. Even her sweet 16 birthday celebration in November was attended by him.

“She never asked for assistance. Mayuni stated, “I’m not sure if we could have helped her or if there was anything we could have done. “We believed he was a kind man. However, he must be deceiving because we all believed he was a good kid.

At Piute High School, Jacqueline was a sophomore. Jacqueline liked athletics and participated in cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, and softball, according to Mayuni. She was an exuberant adolescent who lived life to the fullest.

But since everything happened so quickly and she has now vanished, that is no longer conceivable, Mayuni remarked. Additionally, the incident hurts the school district.

Koby Willis, the superintendent of the Plute County School District: statement

Koby Willis, the superintendent of the Plute County School District, stated that “there is a lot of sadness and a lot of loss.” “Piute County never experiences anything like this. There has never been a disaster like this.

The Plute High School put life on wait while providing mental health assistance to pupils and postponing Homecoming Week. And everyone’s message from Mayuni.

“At the end of the day, that’s really what matters,” the speaker said, “so I just hope that everyone listening to us who has family members, whether they’re near or distant, can spend meaningful time with them.”



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