How did Gord Lewis die? Teenage Head guitarist cause of death

Gord Lewis Cause of Death

Gord Lewis is a Hamilton, Ontario-born Canadian musician best known as the founding guitarist of Teenage Head. He passed away at age 65. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Gord Lewis Cause of Death.

How did Gord Lewis die?

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, the musician was discovered dead in his Hamilton apartment. The musician’s death is being looked into as a possible homicide, say the police. Gord was a highly esteemed member of the Hamilton music scene, and the loss of this man will be felt keenly by everybody.

Lewis was a well-known character in the punk scene as well as a gifted musician.

All who knew him will greatly miss him because of his warmth and generosity. His untimely passing shocked many people, and it will undoubtedly have an ever-lasting effect on the Canadian music landscape. Rip, Gord Lewis.

It was revealed that founding member Gord Lewis had been discovered dead in his house on August 8, 2022. Shortly after the incident, his son Jonathan Lewis was detained and charged with second-degree murder.

What happened to Gord Lewis?

Famous guitarist Gord Lewis was discovered deceased by police yesterday. After getting a call from a staff member, officials rushed to check on Lewis and found his body when they arrived. Although the cause of death has not yet been established, authorities say there are indications of wrongdoing.

Investigators are hoping that the autopsy, which is presently being done, will reveal some information in this case. Jonathan Lewis, Gord’s son, is accused of killing him. Jonathan has a 41-year-old age. The police have not provided any updates on the probe.

Gord Lewis Cause of Death

Despite the fact that Lewis’ actual cause of death is still unknown, his passing has created a huge vacuum in the music industry.

Gord Lewis’ tragic and unexpected death stunned the country. The adored celebrity was brutally slain, and his son Jonathan was accused of the crime. People are currently having a hard time processing the stunning news as it spreads across social media and the internet.

Many people still feel a great sense of loss from his premature passing. Jonathan Lewis, who is accused of killing his father, is being held by police. What will occur next remains to be seen as the case’s specifics are still hazy.

Gord Lewis’ passing has grieved and broken everyone who knew him, that much is certain.

Who is Gord Lewis?

Hamilton, Ontario-based Teenage Head is a punk rock band that achieved success in Canada in the early 1980s.

Frankie Venom (Frank Kerr), Gord Lewis, Steve Mahon, and Nick Stipanitz started the band in Hamilton. Venom passed away on October 15, 2008, and Stipanitz has since been replaced.

The Flaming Groovies’ 1971 album Teenage Head, which Gord Lewis had not heard but had seen promoted in a music magazine, is the inspiration for the band’s name. Gord Lewis determined that he would one day start a band with that name.

What is Teenager Band?

The band members of Teenage Head met while attending Hamilton’s Westdale High School in 1975. Gord Lewis played guitar, Steve Park played guitar, Frankie Venom played drums, and Dave Desroches sang in the band’s original lineup.

Frankie Venom took over as lead vocalist very quickly, and Lewis enlisted the help of his longtime bassist Steve Mahon and drummer Nick Stipanitz.

They debuted with the Epic Records song “Picture My Face” in May 1978, and their self-titled debut, Teenage Head, which was released a year later, earned gold.

Colin Brunton turned the concert into a short film titled The Last Pogo. A lengthy documentary on the concert that included further interviews and footage of Teenage Head was started by Brunton in 2006. In 2008, it was made available on DVD as a memorial to the late Frankie Venom.

Their appearance at Toronto’s Ontario Place in June 1980 provoked a riot. Because to the incident, rock concerts at Ontario Place were prohibited for a number of years.

The resulting album, Teenage Head with Marky Ramone, was made available in Canada on April 22, 2008. Gord Lewis revealed on October 15, 2008, that Frankie Venom had passed away after a fight with throat cancer.

Geoff Pevere, a Canadian author, released Gods of the Hammer: The Teenage Head Story in 2014.

Desroches’ comeback as lead singer was confirmed by Teenage Head in November 2016. Due to illness, Gene Champagne, a member of both The Killjoys and the Un-Teens, took the place of Jack Pedler. Teenage Head started playing at record release events for their new remix and remastered compilation, Fun Comes Fast, in late 2017.

Tribute to Gord Lewis

Hamilton Music Collection said,

We are saddened by the tragic death of Gord Lewis, a kind and gentle soul and a passionate and fiery guitarist whose music touched so many people. Our hearts go out to Gordie’s family. R.I.P. Gordie.

Tomwilson said,

Gord Lewis was friend, a gentle man with a wild desire who burned up the air with a Les Paul Jr & a Marshall stack. He was a pioneer who took us where we’d never been. Thanks for showing us the way Gord. We’ll continue follow your spirit in your absence. #HamOnt #gordlewis

Toronto Star said,

Gord Lewis, founding guitarist of the iconic punk rock band Teenage Head, is believed to be Hamilton’s latest homicide victim, allegedly killed by his own son inside his Hamilton apartment sometime last week.

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