How did Gino Cappelletti die? What happened? Cause of Death Explained

Gino Cappelletti, a former member of the Boston Patriots, passed away at the age of 89. Let us see how did he die, what happened, and what was Gino Cappelletti Cause of Death.

How did Gino Cappelletti die?

“It breaks my heart to learn about Gino Cappelletti’s death this morning. Gino was an all-star player, assistant coach, and broadcaster for the first 51 years of this franchise’s existence. “You couldn’t be a Patriots fan at that era without liking Gino’s,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in a statement. “As good as he was as a player, he was even greater as a person and storyteller.” He also played in the National Football League and the American Football League.

Gino Cappelletti Cause of Death

He earned the Patriots’ second Hall of Fame inductee in 1992. He began his career as the all-time leading scorer (1,100 points) and field goal kicker in the AFL (170). The Patriots were Gino Cappelletti’s squad long before they were the AFL’s Boston Patriots, calling Foxborough home and playing as the NFL’s gold standard.

Gino Cappelletti, a former AFL Most Valuable Player and founding member of the Boston Patriots, has died. He was a player, coach, and commentator for the team for five decades. He was 89. His wife Sandy, daughters Gina, Cara, and Christina, and ten grandkids survive him. Funeral arrangements are still being finalized.

Cappelletti died in his Wellesley, Massachusetts, home on Thursday. The New England Patriots announced his death on Thursday. There was no mention of a cause of death.

His Career

After being undrafted by the University of Minnesota, Cappelletti joined the AFL American Football League in 1960.

Cappelletti, along with the other two great players, Jim Otto and George Blanda, was one of only three players in the AFL’s 11-year history to feature in every game.

Furthermore, as a player, coach, and broadcaster, he spent his whole career with the Patriots. Since 1960, he has spent more than 51 years as a founding member of the Boston Patriots.

Along with Jim Otto and George Blanda, he was named the AFL’s MVP in 1964 and was one of just three players to appear in every game throughout the league’s 10-year history.

Cappelletti spent seven years in the broadcast booth after his playing days (1972-78) before joining Patriots coach Ron Erhardt’s staff in 1979 as the team’s special teams coordinator until 1981. In 1988, he returned to working for the Patriots as a radio analyst, a position he held until 2011.


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