How did Paul Ginsborg die? Cause of Death Explained

Paul Ginsborg was born in London, England, on July 18, 1945. Paul Ginsborg was a historian who made significant contributions to the field. He died at the age of 76. Let us see how he died and what Paul Ginsborg Cause of Death was.

Paul Ginsborg Cause of Death

Ginsborg received his B.A. from Queens College, Cambridge, and became a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. Paul Ginsborg was a professor at the University of Siena in the 1980s. Professor of Contemporary European History at the University of Florence, Paul Ginsborg was claimed to be in 1992. Paul Ginsborg is well-known for his contributions to academics in the form of journal articles and essays for publishing on social and political concerns.

His publications The Politics of Everyday Life (2005), Democracy: Crisis and Renewal (2008), and Contemporary Italy (1990) have all been utilized in universities. On May 11, 2022, Paul Ginsborg passed away. On the other hand, his family has not announced the cause of his death.

Fan’s Reaction to Paul Ginsborg’s death

London review of Book said,

Paul Ginsborg has died. Perry Anderson described him as the ‘author of the two most commanding histories of postwar Italy’. He wrote twice for the LRB: in 1984 on Berlinguer, and in 2006 on Berlusconi.

BL European said,

British-Italian historian Paul Ginsborg has died. His contribution to the field of Italian contemporary history is shown in our catalog.

Brian J Griffith said,

I met Paul Ginsborg at the EUI back in 2017. I was there to visit Marla and Ben for a round table on Fascism that he was moderating. I rode back to Florence in a cab with Paul and Adrian Lyttelton. I was geeking out. RIP Paolo.
John Foot said,
Paul Ginsborg showed me how to teach, how write, and how to engage with people as an academic. Such a kind, gentle, funny man.
I’m devastated to hear about my friend and ex-supervisor Paul Ginsborg. Such a lovely man. Such an inspiration in everything. I will miss you, Paul.
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