How did Gianni Cavina Die? What happened? Cause of death

How did Gianni Cavina Die

How did Gianni Cavina Die: Gianni Cavina, an actor, died last night in Bologna, where he was born. He was 81 years old and had been sick for a while. To break the news, producer Antonio Avati, Pupi’s brother, with whom Cavina has worked on several films, including the latest, ‘Dante,’ which is still unreleased. “Unfortunately,” Antonio Avati said, “Gianni’s wife gave us this very heartbreaking news at dawn today.”

Gianni Cavina Career

Cavina made his film debut in 1968, with Flashback by Raffaele Andreassi, after making his stage debut at the Stabile di Bologna. Then there’s the meeting with Avati, with whom he shoots Thomas – The Possessed, Balsamus, Satan’s man, and The mazurka of the baron of the saint and the fico fiorone, with Ugo Tognazzi and Paolo Villaggio. He is an actor with a thousand faces who also appears in comedies as Buttiglione becomes head of the secret service and San Pasquale Baylonne becomes the protector of women.

He is also the screenwriter of films such as Bordella and The House with Laughing Windows for Avati. Tutti deceased… except the dead and Le strelle nel fosso continue the collaboration with the director. Among the many interpretations of him are Luigi Comencini’s L’ingorgo – An Impossible Story, Paolo Cavara’s The Innkeeper, and Sergio Martino’s sexy comedy Cornetti alla crema.

He returns to work with Avati in Dancing Paradise, a Christmas present, followed by La via degli angeli, La retribuzione di Natale, and Gli amici del bar Margherita. Among his interpretations is Marco Bellocchio’s The Wedding Director. He will still be on set with Avati in 2019 for Una boundless youth, The big heart of girls, and Il Signor Diavolo. He has always alternated between film and television roles, most recently in the Rai1 choral series Una grande famiglia.

Gianni Cavina Cause of Death

How did Gianni Cavina Die: Gianni Cavina was 81 and had been ill for some time. But the exact cause of death is not revealed yet. Producer Antonio Avati, brother of Pupi, with whom Cavina has shot several films, including the latest ‘Dante’, still unpublished, broke the news.


“A great artist, an heir of our land, the unforgettable portrait and voice of our cinema, ability to bring the most complex characters to the stage, skillfully passing from serious roles to brilliant comedy,” said Bonaccini and Felicori. As a result, he has a long association with the director Pupi Avati, for whom he was the main actor as well as a screenwriter.”

Thus, Stefano Bonaccini, President of the Region, and Mauro Felicori, Councilor for Culture, remember Gianni Cavina, who died today in Bologna, where he was born 81 years ago.

Cavina made his stage debut at the Stabile di Bologna, then his film and television debuts beginning in 1968, with the unforgettable inspector Sarti among others. In 1997, he received a well-deserved Silver Ribbon for his performance as him in Avati’s “Festival,” as well as for his work on works by Marco Bellocchio and Luigi Comencini.

“We look forward to his ‘Dante’ from Avati next September, supported by the Territory, in which Gianni Cavina will be present, and we will be able to see him again with much affection, admiration, and nostalgia,” Bonaccini and Felicori conclude.

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