How did Elliot Blair die? Was he killed? Orange County public defender cause of death

Elliot Blair

Elliot Blair, Orange Country defender died mysteriously in Mexico. Let’s see, how did Elliot Blair die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Elliot Blair die?

A 33-year-old California attorney was killed at a popular Mexican resort while celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife, a fellow public defender.

Elliot Blair, an associate public defender in Orange County, died Saturday in Rosarito Beach, near the country’s northern border, according to county Public Defender Martin Schwarz.

Blair died as a consequence of an accidental fall from a room at the Las Rocas Resort and Spa, according to local media, including the Spanish-language Noticias BC, but police have not yet provided any additional information, the LA Times said.

Elliot is survived by his wife, Kim, his mom, Stella Blair, his sister, Candice Wilson, and his nephew Samuel.

What happened to Elliot Blair?

When Elliot Blair and his wife Kim were enjoying their first wedding anniversary in Mexico, he mysteriously passed away. He was a lawyer from California.

Blair, though, “was the victim of a brutal crime,” according to a GoFundMe page. His family is collaborating with US authorities to learn more information.

Blair and his wife, Kim, “have been dedicated Public Defenders in Orange County” since 2017, the year he passed the bar test, according to the fundraiser, which was organized by Annie Rodriguez.

“Elliot was a compassionate lawyer who dedicated his life to serving indigent clients. Elliot was known as a patient and caring advocate.

He was the best of us and was loved by countless members of our office and the Orange County legal community.

We are heartbroken,” according to Go Fund Me. Elliot was known for a smile on his face and a clever mind. There are not enough words to express the level of love he had for Kim.

Kim was his life. They just started building a life together in their first year of marriage. Elliot was killed on their one-year wedding anniversary. Kim’s heart is shattered., it added.

On January 14, at around 1.15 a.m, officials received a report that Blair had fallen from the balcony of the Hotel Las Rocas in Rosarito, a town south of Tijuana and off the Tijuana-Ensenada highway.

Elliot Blair cause of death:

Blair and his wife Kim were celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary. The incident was reported to authorities by hotel personnel, and Blair was found face down and unresponsive when police arrived, according to the local news site Patrulla 646 Código Rojo.

It was said that he was discovered to be dead when the paramedics came. The body was removed by staff from the state attorney general’s office, who also carried out an investigation.

On Saturday afternoon, The OC Register appears to have reported the first suggestion that Blair was murdered.

Reporters met with Martin Schwarz, the public defender for Orange County, but the claim is not cited. The exact cause of death of Elliot Blair will be known only after the investigation.


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