How did Dr. Omar Salamen and Manal Kadry die? Cause of death & car accident Explained


 How did Dr. Omar Salamen and Manal Kadry die? Cause of death & car accident Explained


Omar Salamen Surgeon and his wife perished in an automobile accident in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We’ll see how did Manal Kadry and Dr. Omar Salamen pass away in a car accident in detail.

Dr. Omar Salamen and Manal Kadry: Fatal car accident

Omar Salamen Death – Today’s fatal car accident claimed the lives of a Michigan couple. 

Dr. Omar Salamen, DDS, and his wife Manal Kadry were named as the victims. 

The pair reportedly died from wounds they received in the collision. 

The incident happened on Saturday, November 12, 2022, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Cause of death 

Dr. Omar Salamen and his wife Manal Kadry, both residents of Michigan, died in a car accident today in Ann Arbor. 

They depart with four kids (three boys and a little girl). The investigation into the collision is still ongoing, so no information can be provided at this time regarding the events that preceded the collision. 

We will update this page whenever we have enough information about this case.

Who was Dr. Omar Salamen?

After graduating from dentistry school at the University of Michigan, Dr. Salamen, a native of Michigan, completed his training in oral surgery at the NOVA Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine in Florida. 

After operating a prosperous private practice in Chicago, Illinois, for nine years, Dr. Salamen launched the Dexter Oral Surgery and Implant Center in Dexter, Michigan. 

About Dr. Salamen and our staff — Dexter Oral Surgery and Implant CenterDr. Salamen is a fellow of the American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons and a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon by the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

He holds certifications in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support and served as an adjunct professor in the University of Michigan’s Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. His area of expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery includes the removal of wisdom teeth, corrective jaw surgery, cosmetic procedures, and the treatment of illnesses and tumors.

The rebuilding of the jawbone’s structural integrity as well as the diagnosis and treatment of facial discomfort and facial injuries are also included in this. Dr. Salamen, who is married to Manal, is the proud father of three sons and a daughter. He likes to work out, be outside, and watch mixed martial arts.

Dexter Oral Surgery and Implant Center

Dr. Salamen, a native of Michigan, graduated from the University of Michigan’s dentistry school and went on to complete his oral surgery residency at Florida’s NOVA Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine.

After operating a prosperous private practice in Chicago, Illinois, for nine years, Dr. Salamen opened Dexter Oral Surgery and Implant Center in his native Michigan.

Patient Reviews on Dr. Salamen’s treatment


Dr. Salamen is the best! He, along with his professional staff, treated me with great kindness, expertise, and made me feel so comfortable. My specific case involved a growth/tumor in my mouth which had to be removed as it was starting to affect my other teeth. Dr. Salamen thoroughly explained the procedure to me so I understood clearly what would be done. Dr. Salamen and his staff go out of their way to ensure you are well taken care of, checking on how you are doing, and extending heartfelt caring! Out of 1 to 10, Dr. Salamen and staff rate a 20! I highly recommend Dr. Salamen and staff!

-Arlene, Gregory, MI


Doctor Salamen and his staff have crazy Big Hearts! I have never met a doctor so compassionate and professional.

My seven year old daughter developed what we know now as a Pyogenic granuloma(tumor) in the front of her mouth where her top baby tooth fell out. It grew very fast and we were told by a different doctor it may be an infection. Simple daily activities were becoming difficult along with being made fun of at school. We were also told we would possibly have to wait up to 30 days for a provider inquiry before performing surgery.

Upset and scared I called Dexter oral surgery & implant center around closing on a Friday told them my long frustrating story hoping they could help. Dr. Salamen actually called me from his car on his way home. His staff had us in his office on Monday and in surgery the following Monday. My little girl was so scared Dr. Salamen has this sweet, caring way about himself that just makes you feel better! So much thought went into every detail of our daughters surgery! The surgery and the healing process was amazing!

Dr. Salamen did such a great job you wouldn’t have even known my daughter had surgery the day of! No bleeding, no swelling, eating normal, playing normal, right back to her bubbly self and excited to go back to school and show off her smile! Dr. Salamen himself even took the time to call us the evening of surgery to check and see how my daughter was doing. We are so grateful and thankful for everything Dr. Salamen and his staff did for our family, definitely went above and beyond! Highly recommended!!!!

—Colleen, Pinckney, MI


“I had a rear molar pulled last week. Dr. Salamen did a great job, as did all of the staff; and everyone is friendly and courteous. I highly recommend the Center to anyone whose teeth need surgical attention!”



“I took my six year old here yesterday with an emergency and we were so encouraged by the experience. Coming in scared and hurt, Dr. Omar and his staff made my son feel safe. They explained what would happen, took their time, even offered him a juice box and cookie. As a mom I was relieved to have such an experienced staff taking care of my boy. The doctor even called in the evening to check in and make sure my son was doing well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to go back or recommend them to anyone in need of care. Thank you, Dr. Omar!”



“Dr. Salamen is so kind, compassionate, and caring. He and his staff are top notch, and they make you feel like you are the most important patient they’ve ever had. I highly recommend them. A+++++”



“Dr. Salamen has got to be the sweetest, most caring dentist I’ve met thus far. He took his time with me and made sure I felt no pain during my procedure, he also made sure to talk me through every step he was doing and what all I would feel or hear so I won’t freak out. (For someone who has anxiety this was very helpful in keeping calm)

The staff was great, made me feel at ease and comfortable. Probably the quickest dental visit I’ve ever had, paperwork was quick, and the procedure itself was a breeze.

I would highly recommend him for any dental procedures, you won’t be disappointed.”



“Dr. Salamen, You are the full package physician! After seeing you in action with our son Luke today, you’ve moved into the position for BEST PHYSICIAN. As parents, to meet Luke’s needs we need a list of professionals. All with grand intentions but unfortunately in a system that doesn’t always allow for the additional time, patience, respect, humor, etc…Those attributes paired with your compassion and talent sets you apart from the rest. They are embedded in your value system. You’re a gift, not just a visit. Thank you for who you are and what you do!”


Manal Kadry: Who was she?

Manal’s designs are best described as classic-meets- contemporary with elements that are organic, textural, and often unexpected with glam and artistic flare. Whether we are hired to design your dream commercial or residential space, Manal Kadry Design Collective projects rely on complete communication and education of the design process from beginning to end.

Each individual who interacts in the space is a part of the design decisions. As graduates from The College for Creative Studies, the highly talented design team understands each of the needs of all clients and designs their environment in a way that is unique and authentic for their needs.

Our Team

Manal founded Design by MK, Inc. in 2014 and has served as its principal designer ever since.  She has a track record of success in the higher education sector as an experienced design educator and director. 

Manal was proficient in the use of design concepts and elements, spatial organization, color theory, and visual communication. She was a Children’s Play Design Award, the winner. The family of Omar Salamen and Manal Kadry will publish their obituaries.

Founder & Principal Designer: Manal Kadry

Manal Kadry has been developing interior spaces as the Principal Designer and sole proprietor of her design company since 2014. She focuses mostly on managing all design projects from conception to completion.

Manal’s design strategy is based on her comprehensive understanding and application of the design aspects and ideas. Due to the harmony of all the textures, colors, proportions, and details coexisting in the space, her house designs truly evoke a “feeling of tranquility.” She is a true visualizer with a keen eye for detail and high standards. She solves problems successfully by utilizing her understanding of the design thinking methodology.

Manal Kadry earned a degree in Product Design, Interior Design, and Art Education from the College for Creative Studies in 2006 at Detroit. She eventually obtained a degree in Leadership and Administrative Studies, where she developed a passion for managing teams and projects while incorporating her experience in design into everything she does.

She has built solid relationships with the top leading designers worldwide through networking events she has participated in over the years in a dynamic design community. She likes to travel and spend time with her family and friends in her free time to be inspired by the natural beauty of the globe.

People’s reactions to this fatal incident

Cindy Kalich Norcia said,

My heart breaks for the Dr and his wife, and their children now are forever changed, please take care of these children!

Abdullah Hammoud said,

Allah yerhamon ya Rab. May Allah provide their family with patience during this time. And may Allah protect their children.

Alexa Marenkos said,

Manal was the sweetest person I have ever met. Praying for their babies as their world is forever changed. 

Elizabeth Mahon said,

My heart breaks for the families no parent should ever have to bury their children and the children of this couple had their lives forever changed. 

Dorothy Kenji said,

So sad. May they rest in peace. Prayers for their family and children. 

Manal Elnabtity said,

Allah Yarhamhum. They will be missed. May Allah grant them the highest level of heaven and give their family strength and peace.

Kathleen Clapp said,

I’m so saddened to hear this! A dear sweet family lost their beautiful parents! My thoughts and prayers to them all!

Jennifer Willy said,

So heartbreaking! I worked with Manal back when I first started teaching. She was an amazing soul! Praying for her family.

Mirvat Hachem-Osseili said,

This is so heartbreaking. You truly never know when your last minute on this earth is. She was such a sweet and kind person. I’ve been making her cakes for years. I truly am in shock. Allah yerhama 


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