How did Detective James Hamby die? Cause of death Explained


How did Detective James Hamby die? Cause of death Explained

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office grieve the passing of detective James Hamby. Let’s see what happened to the detective and James Hamby cause of death in this article

What happened to James Hamby?

Once again, a member of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office has passed away. According to sheriff Mark Gulledge, James Hamby, a detective, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday.

A post claims that Hamby passed away at his house on Wednesday night. the statement reads,

Words cannot explain how much you will be missed in this county, particularly by your public safety family. We send our most heart felt condolences to the men and women of the Richmond County Sheriffs Office, as well as the family of Detective James Hamby. You will certainly be forever in our hearts.



Who was James Hamby?

Hamby worked as a criminal investigator and the sheriff’s office’s Crime Stoppers coordinator.

According to a 2020 feature article from Richmond Community College, Hamby, a native of Houston, Texas, joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 2005 after graduating from high school.

Hamby was in the military for ten years, serving on two separate deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hamby relocated to Richmond County after taking a medical retirement after 12 years of service, and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office hired him as a deputy in 2017.

Hamby later graduated from Richmond Community College with an Associate in Arts degree.

Following his participation in the “No Barriers” event, Hamby created “Walk for a Purpose,” a three-phase walk at Hinson Lake in support of disabled soldiers and others.

James Hamby cause of death

Sheriff Mark Gulledge revealed on Thursday that Detective James Hamby had died unexpectedly. Hamby passed away peacefully at his home on Wednesday night, according to a statement.

Attempts have been made to contact the family and close friends for comments on the occurrence by Medico Topics. There haven’t been any replies as of yet.

Once sufficient data is available, we will update the page. James Hamby cause of death will be updated soon.



Tributes to James Hamby

Allison Allred

He was such an involved, loving Dad. My heart breaks for his family, his wife, and his girls. Kendall is a friend of Lucas’s and she adored her Daddy!

Teresa Thomas

Prayers are sent for comfort, strength, and peace for Detective James Hamby’s family, coworkers, and friends.

County journal

Detective James Hamby gives a hug to Gracie Loftis in December of 2021 after an afternoon of shopping together during the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office 2nd Annual Shop with a Deputy program.

Until None 

Tears fall from my face while I try to make this post. A Brother Marine, a combat veteran of 3/4 and 3/5 attachment in Sangin, a Detective with the Sheriff’s Office, and a Team Leader with Lone Survivor/Operation Red Wings lost his fight with his demons last night. It hurts when it’s the last person you’d ever think of. The one that was always helping others. The one I used to call when I needed a pep talk. Brother, James Hamby, you will be missed very much. I love you Brother!! Semper Fidelis.


My nephew my sister Delia’s son James Allen Hamby. Such a heartbreaking tragedy. Please lift his family now. Especially his children, father, wife, and siblings. No one ever knows…



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