How did Dennis Egan die? What happened? Cause of Death Revealed

Dennis Egan Cause of Death

Politician Dennis William Egan was from the United States. At the age of 75, he passed away. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Dennis Egan Cause of Death.

Dennis Egan Cause of Death

The son of Alaska’s first governor and a former state senator, Dennis Egan, has passed away. He was 75.

Egan passed away on Tuesday morning, according to a statement from Alaska Senate Democrats. Egan was the late former governor Bill Egan’s son. Dennis Egan Cause of Death was yet announced.

There are reports of Dennis Egan’s death. After serving in the Alaska Senate from 2009 to 2019, due to his protracted illness, he announced his retirement in 2019. He passed away three years after he retired.

Although there was no known cause of death for Dennis, it was reported that he had been ill for years before deciding to leave the Alaska Senate at the end of his term.

Dennis Egan Early Life

On March 3, 1947, Egan was born in Juneau, Alaska Territory. He was the son of Neva Egan, First Lady of Alaska during her husband’s tenure as governor, and Bill Egan, a politician engaged in the Alaska Territory who would go on to serve as the state’s first and fourth governor.

He resided in Washington, D.C., as his father worked to have Alaska become a full state. When Alaska joined the Union in 1959, he made an appearance on I’ve Got a Secret at the age of eleven.

Dennis Egan Education

He worked for KINY in the 1960s while still in high school and after receiving training as a broadcast engineer. Egan earned his degree in radio operation engineering in 1967.

From 1967 until 1974, he then served in the 910th Engineer Company of the Alaska Army National Guard. He was employed by Caterpillar Inc. and participated in the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Later, he had a number of jobs in the Alaska State government. He was named the Alaska Broadcaster Association’s Broadcaster of the Year during his radio career in 1990, and he was inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame in 2001.

Dennis Egan Local Politics Career

Dennis made his first foray into politics in the 1980s when he ran in the primary election for a position in the Alaska House of Representatives. Bruce Botelho defeated him. In 1995, Egan served as Juneau’s deputy mayor.

When Byron Mallott resigned as mayor to take the position of executive director of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, although believing he could handle both positions, his plans garnered criticism and he was forced to step down.

Egan worked to prevent the transfer of 200 United States Forest Service jobs from Juneau to Ketchikan in September 1997. In 2000, Egan decided not to seek reelection. Sally Smith, who defeated outgoing mayor Jamie Parsons by 220 votes, succeeded him.

How did Dennis Egan become an Alaska Senate member?

Kim Elton left the Alaska Senate in April 2009 to assume the position of Director of Alaska Affairs at the U.S. Department of the Interior, which was a presidential appointment.

Tim Grussendorf, Chief of Staff to Senator Lyman Hoffman, was appointed by Governor Sarah Palin over State Representative Beth Kerttula, who was the local Democratic Party’s first candidate.

Kim Elton resigned from the Alaska Senate in March 2009, and Governor Sarah Palin selected Egan to take her position in April 2009. He defeated Republican Tom Williams in the general election of 2014 by garnering 72% of the vote.

Dennis Egan’s Personal Life

William Allen Egan, the father of Dennis Egan, served in the American Democratic Party. He was the first and fourth governor of the state of Alaska, respectively, serving from January 3, 1959, to 1966, and from 1970 to 1974. From 1956 to 1959, he also held the position of acting U.S. senator for the Alaska Territory.

When Alaska experienced its first earthquake in 1964, William A. Egan was the state’s first governor. He lived in Juneau with his wife Neva and rented the Growdens the Broadway home. It didn’t move to the new town’s location.

Desdia Neva Egan, the mother of Dennis Egan, was an American educator who served as Alaska’s first lady from 1959 to 1966 and then again from 1970 to 1974.

Egan was the wife of William Allen Egan, the first governor of Alaska, and the mother of Dennis Egan, a former mayor of Juneau and current senator for Alaska.

In 1969, Dennis Egan wed Linda Egan, with whom he had two kids. The estimated $10 million net worth or income of Dennis Egan.

Tribute to Dennis Egan’s Death

Heidi Drygas said,

I’m heartbroken to hear of the passing of Senator Dennis Egan. He could fill up a room with his broad smile, sense of humor, and huge laugh. Easily one of the most well-liked legislators in recent memory. He will be deeply missed.

Bill Walker said,

My f’ship w/Sen. Dennis Egan dates back to our youth when he’d visit Valdez, Gov. Bill Egan’s hometown. Teenage fun would be had w/Dennis @ the center. Later we both served in JNU & often shared memories & laughs. He was respected, beloved & will be missed. Rest easy my friend.

Clsmithak said,

Dennis Egan was an original, they broke the mold after he was made. He was funny, occasionally exasperating, and always supported what the best of Alaska and Alaskans. Avante, you lunatic! See you on the flip side.

Les Gara said,

Dennis Egan was a lifelong ally on issues that mattered to people. His loss is a terrible loss to his family, friends and the public. As Mayor and State Senator he was a fierce advocate for what’s right & didn’t mince words. He’d say most issues weren’t “a D or an R thing”. 1/3

Senator Tom Begich said,

Alaska, Juneau, and all of us who knew him mourn the loss of Dennis Egan. Dennis was a friend and colleague whose warm voice, embracing smile, and wry sense of humor brightened the legislature and his hometown for decades. Dennis made a difference and will be missed.


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