A plane crash at Pearson Feild in Vancouver killed a person – Explained

plane crash at Pearson Feild

A plane collision at Pearson Field Airport claimed one life. On Tuesday, a jet went down at Pearson Field Airport in Vancouver. Let’s see a plane crash at Pearson Feild.


Plane crash at Pearson Feild

According to Vancouver Police, a small plane crash on Tuesday morning at Pearson Field Airport in Vancouver claimed the life of one individual.

A tiny plane was involved in the collision, which happened on the Pearson runway and was reported at around 7:40 a.m. On contact, the plane caught fire; several engines and a fire truck responded.


The one person who died in the crash?

The only person inside the aircraft was the pilot.

According to an emergency radio transmission listened to at The Columbian, the pilot made a brief emergency contact with the Port of Portland. Over the airport, a smoke cloud could be seen briefly rising.

The victim’s identity won’t be released until the family has been notified.

The oldest airport still in operation in the Northwest is Pearson Field Airport, which is owned by the city of Vancouver. The beginning of Pearson is in 1905. The Fort Vancouver National Historic Facility includes the 140-acre airport site.


When does the Crash happen?

Around 7:39 a.m., emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the collision at the field on East Reserve Street.

The single-engine Beechcraft V35B was discovered at the end of the runway in a roaring blaze, the FAA informed KOIN 6. The aircraft was inverted and appeared to have sustained significant damage.

Firefighters claimed they discovered a dead individual inside the plane once the flames were extinguished. According to reports, there was only the pilot on board.

Although the reason of the collision has not yet been identified by authorities, the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are looking into it.

The identity of the pilot will be made public later, according to the Vancouver Police Department, which is now leading the death investigation.



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